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Hi @Androfill 
Was reading (once again) through your website, about the various fillers you offer.
Found this, among the Ellanse possible complications.


Was wondering if you can disclose the % rate of granulomas in your patients that got Ellanse. It would be very interesting since that’s a severe complication.
Also, did frequency of people getting Ellanse improved? Last time you said only 1-2 guys per month get it.
I really wish we could have more reports, specially from uncut guys.

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Granulomas are typically not a major complication .  And they can be addressed without potential for damage .  
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Granulomas vary in intensity. Some can be a big deal, others not at all. During my ellanse session, there was a very small area just below the glans that got pretty red and irritated during the procedure. I noticed it as did Dr. Carney. A week or two later, a small "blister" formed there, less than the size of a pea. It was painful only when squeezed. A few weeks later when I went back and Dr. Carney, he classified it as a granuloma, since it was an area of inflammation and painful when squeezed. He said it might resolve on its own, but offered to remove it, and he did. It was a really small incision and I don't even have a scar from it. It was a non-issue.

The area below the glans can be sensitive, and Dr. Carney felt this was probably not specific to ellanse and may have occurred with any filler. But like I said, it was a non-issue anyway, but technically a granuloma.
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