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Does the firmness change amongst the Ellanse S, M, L, E? Pmma has the 10% 20% 30% each effecting aesthetics and feel differently. Just wondering if it’s the same for Ellanse.

I don't know for sure, but I'd be willing to bet they're the same. It's not the same as with pmma/different concentrations, it's just the PCL has been tuned to biodegrade at different times. At least that's my understanding. 
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Dr Oates
I have not notice a difference in firmness between the different Ellanse. I think it is going to last a lot longer than what it says on the box.
I used to do all our injections with an induced erection and still do sometimes. One thing we do to prevent turtling folding up the HA is put guys on a anti BP medication called Prazosin. Most guys find it helps a lot . For a great post care routine look at what Texas has posted.
What ever you do, make sure it is safe.

Google calibreclinic

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Just an update now at almost 2 months post ellanse. 

EG now   6.4” +- depending on erection firmness  not Very hard in this pic. 
very happy with it. Will look at a few ml into glans with HA filler in a month if need be.  53FA1339-A357-4B6A-8B2F-1070A5954F73.jpeg 
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Gains still holding up? Have you decided or done the filler into the glans yet? Give us an update when you can!
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Is there a preferred/reputable place here in America that we can get the Ellanse procedure? 
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take a few minutes and search that term.    If you have any questions after that .   holler
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It's been almost a year and everything is still good. 

Will be seeing Dr Oates in 3 weeks for a top up after exactly one year. 
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Congrats! And continued success with your improvement 👍
CURRENT: 6.2" EL x 6.2" EG
GOAL: 7" EL x 6" EG
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