So I am considering getting the filler done at Dr. Morganstern in Atlanta and first you have to speak with an individual who asks you several questions to make sure your a good candidate and see what your interested in. So after a few minutes of chatting with this guy, I told him I was interested in the Ellanse-E to which he replied, "oh yeah the 10 year." Now I have never heard of it lasting 10 years and this seemed to confuse me greatly. Is there anyone else who has heard of it lasting this long?
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It may have been an accidental slip, as the E-version lasts four years, according to the manufacturer. Do you remember this "guy's" name?
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I'm guessing it was Ray, and probably just a slip. They only offer the the E version, which is 4 years. 

On a side note, Dr. Oates referenced a medical paper about the collagen formed, and there was a speculation derived from it that suggested the half life of the collagen could last a lot longer than 4 years, but we shall see.
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 It was not Ray, it was a new guy named Alan and after I corrected him several times, he continued to say “ up to 10 years because everyone is different.” 
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Ray may be gone now.  No one new that i have talked to on here has mentioned him
  I'll email the office and ask for yall 

The new guy may be more of a salesrep type guy. I hope not though.  
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Let me know how it goes, intrested in this.


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