A friend of mine got some pictures from Dan Salas showing a patient of Dr. Camacho-Melo before and after lengthening surgery. It shows the patient using thegrip system (NOT endorsing that), which makes one wonder why the patient is not using Dan Salas' traction device, but I think this illustrates the importance of stretching. Dr. CM never answered my emails about PE surgery and post-op traction/devices but I am glad some members wrote about Dr. CM in the phalloplasty physician database thread.

IF anyone of you are easily offended then DON'T LOOK AT THESE PICTURES

I really don't want anyone to start again with the shenanigans or make insincere remarks just to justify their position here on the forum. If some meshuggener is offended then either PM SO or myself (politely) and either he or I will remove these pictures. For the more open minded members of this forum, I hope this gives you some idea of what's involved with PE lengthening surgery.

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hung like a mouse

Hi...I  thought this doc went through the scrotum?

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I am not sure if he is going through the scrotum or making the traditional horizontal incision. I wrote to both Dr. CM and Dan Salas but neither one of them has gotten back to me.

I was interested in knowing if Dan Salas has any new or modified techniques about post-op stretching. Dan Salas may have his faults but he does not quite a bit about PE.

Thanks for your contribution to this thread, mouse.

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Can we take down or blur out the 2nd picture of the patients face because this could destroy his entire life.

Unless someone on here knows for sure that he is absolutley fine with beeing showed off like this on the internet.

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Thank you for noticing this AG.  I have modified the picture and blurred the patient's face.
Never gonna retire from PE! What? You gotta problem with dat?

Progress Report
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Skeptical One
Wow, surprised I missed that! Rule (R10.) is something I take very seriously.  It wouldn't even matter if the individual was okay with his face being on the internet because I'd have no real way of confirming that.

I'm surprised Dan even submitted photos showing a face (not the first time I've seen that from a Dan email).

Thanks AG! And thanks M7 for the alteration.

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MY experience with Camacho is that he will go through the scrotum if that is what you wish, he has done many of them. Dan realizes his equipment isnt always the best. I know Dan, and only like his leg strap, which is the sturdiest and the most strength out there, but the rest of his stuff is a pump vaccum systems that I believe are not good for the cock.
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I'd like to talk to someone who did phalloplasty.

I've seen some sites, pics before and after, but would be interesting to know the truth of who did the surgery.
Specially those who did the surgery one year or six months ago at least.

If you know or if you did the surgery, please tell me.

Is there an specific topic about it?
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I have had my lengthening done from DR. Giunta 2 weeks ago. Still healing lets she how this one turn out to be? I have started hanging with very light weight, manual stretching  followed by stretcher provided by Dr. Giunta during sleep.  
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bkalita wrote:
I have had my lengthening done from DR. Giunta 2 weeks ago. Still healing lets she how this one turn out to be? I have started hanging with very light weight, manual stretching  followed by stretcher provided by Dr. Giunta during sleep.  

Bkalita - how are you doing now? What are your measured gains? Flaccid and erect. Considering this surgery.
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Interested in getting this surgery done and I live in San Diego. Obviously the temptation of a cheaper doc in TJ is appealing, does anyone have any insight to those docs (I've only seen two, Dr. Uribe and Camacho)? Appreciate any advice.
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I had surgery with dr Camacho and I wouldn't recommend him... if u going to get your lig cut u should go with dr Rosenthal he is also in California and he has good reviews.
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Dr Gary Alter is another, good reviews, in California. Rosenthal charges $4500, Alter charges $5000. consider  the cost of hotels around their clinics also. Alter is in Beverly Hills and hotels are $250 a night, Rosenthal is in Huntington Beach and Best Western was $82 a night when I stayed there but that fluctuates.
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anyone know if the lig will grow back and if there is a chance of it causing E.D ??[nono][idea]
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I have had it for almost 2 decades and no issues except it does change the angle of your erections from up and higher pointing to more horizontal. The rest is all the same.
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