Has anyone seen this?


I think this product might be viable for trails to increase girth and length.


Just thought I would throw that out there.

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I saw a broadcast on this recently.  It might have been Weird or What? with the Shat actually.

Sounds pretty interesting but not sure how it would relate to PE.

I actually nicked off the ends of two of my fingers with a utility knife when I was about 10 years old.  I lost about an 1/8" of my index finger and about a 1/4" off my middle finger (diagonal cut so it didn't hit bone).  Perhaps it was my youth but they too grew back and you can't tell the difference between the left and right hands.  No pixie dust needed. 

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PMMA S1 8/1/2011 | 15cc @ 10% | Results EGN 4.5" | EGMS 4.875" | EGB 5.5"
PMMA S2 1/25/2012 | 24cc @ 20% | Results EGN 5" | EGMS 5.25" | EGB 6.25"
PMMA S3 6/8/2012 | 15@20%,6@10% | Results 1yr EGN 5 1/16" | EGMS 5.5" | EGB 6.25"
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Same stuff as Acell gentlemen, I already tried this route along with the PRFM and didn't see much in the way of results. I think you would have to do daily injections to have anything happen.

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