Hi guys, few questions are torturing me:
1. After you get the PMMA, can you do  manual PE especially girth execricess that involve hard bending and squeezing of the tunica of the penis like jelqing, SSJs, cable clamping,  pumping with bathmate? I am very interested in doing those after i do the PMMA but i am concerned they may cause problems  especially the pumping and the manual excercises for girht like the slow squash jelqs and the clamping is there anyone who does those after PMMA does it cause trouble for you ? (non circumcised )

2. What happens when you get erection with PMMA  is the implant able to move just like the accordeon effect that Dr C shows on his site for the patients that are not circmucisessed ? If you pinch some skind midshaft and pull it verticaly does big part of the penis move or just the skin? Does it feel like you have huge edema, water under your sking or its more natural like erect hard tissue that doesnt move at all ? (non circumcised )

3. Does the skin and the tissues bunch up  or cause any trouble during penetration when your dick is too fat after the pmma 6.5-7inches of girth and you try to penetrate girls that are tight, or its the same rock hard wood and the implant doesnt have any effect on penetration? (non circumcised ) Example :

4. Can you do erect or flaccid penis stretches or this can cause problems with the PMMA like inflamation? (non circumcised )

5. Does the PMMA implant affect your dick sensitivty somehow, does it lower it ?

6. Do you gain more width or more depth after doing PMMA i am interested in more width since my girth is already more distributed in depth of my dick so what is your experience?

Thank you
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