Hello I was curious how one would go about finding a reputable doctor that might offer testicular enhancement surgery. I’ve done a lot of research and it seems using a silicone carving block to create cup shaped implants might be the best. I’ve looked at things like neuticles or egg shaped testicle replacements and I think it would make things appear like I have 4 balls.
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Elist is the only one in the US (that I know of) that currently offers the cupped implants.  A couple of other doctors used to a few years ago, but stopped for whatever reason.
There is a doctor in Alabama that is performing Elist's penis implant, but I do not know if he is offering testicular implants as well.  

Two drawbacks to the Elist implants:
1.  They are done by Elist
2.  They feel noticeably artificial, meaning that people feeling them can tell they are not natural.
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Thanks for the response. I’m not terribly concerned with how they feel just so long as they look full.

I’ve researched the Elist implants and it seems some people report that he attaches one side to the scrotum, but some people say no it’s just that the balls don’t move around as much and so one is higher than the other because of space limitations. Can anyone clarify?

Also I’ve heard that Elist will implant the largest your scrotum can handle, would you recommend ball stretching with metal weights for several months ahead of time to make the scrotum larger?
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If you are interested having kids, elsit implants will hinder sperm production. He will tell you otherwise....He is a very honest dr......JK LOL...

Also, elist implants will half surround your natural balls but you will still be able to feel the edges and it feels like two half balls attached together.
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I’ve been looking now for over 2 years to find a doctor that will perform a testicle enlargement procedure. Elist is the only one that offers such a thing. EVERY other doctor I contacted said they either wouldn’t do it, or they could implant the typical spherical implants intended for missing testicles, this of course would make you appear to have 4 balls and it would be very obvious (according to a few doctors I talked with and I agree)

So it looks like I’ll plan an Elist surgery if he ever gets his license back.
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