I am 44 year single male in good health, non smoker. Workout regularly, hardly drink, eat clean.

  I think my long term challenge has been PE, about 5-7 minutes of thrusting is all I could last. Started using Promescent spray couple of years ago and with a fun partner I remember lasting 45 minutes in one go. That was in early part of our dating..eventually we started living together and life and its stresses took its toll. I stopped using Promescent after some time. With her I could make her climax in few minutes with fingers and tongue..she used to get her second and sometimes third orgasm from penetration. 

    Couple of months back my divorce negotiations stared and I noticed before a simple task like taking a flight from USA..my heart will start racing. I always had mild general anxiety(it runs in my mothers family)..though never had to take medication for it. 
Now I am single and realized that before sex, more so with a new female..my heart rate starts rising.Its the same anxiety I felt at the airport in July for the first time. Last week I was with this young attractive female after first date, and I was anxious about how the sex will go. Had trouble achieving full erection and came fast.
Now that the main stress or(divorce) is done deal...I started researching on my options to tackle these.
I have started CBD oil orally twice a day and it helps with anxiety. With same female I had a much more satisfying sex session when anxiety was managed. I used Promescent spray(the one I had expired on Aug, 2019..so not sure if it worked as it should) and penetration lasted for 10-15 minutes.I gave her an orgasm prior to penetration so she was happy.

Visited a mens health clinic in Toronto...today.

The doctor was very experienced and the practice is pretty established. He explained all the modalities available. Showckwave, penile injections, oral medications and hypnotherapy.
They also did a doppler blood flow today and I was found to be 3.1 where average should be 4.
I wanted to try the injection, since I am taking Cialis 10mg, they wanted me to come after 36 hours off Cialis.
A list of blood test to do was given.

Long term improvement for ED

I had undergone 18 shock wave sessions last year and the same clinic is offering another 18 sessions at a discounted rate(with financing). I am inclined to do that for long term benefits. I also found a P shot clinic that is reasonably priced. I am thinking of combining shock wave(once a week) and PRP(one session) with a vacuum pump(30 min everyday).

Short term ED solution

Try the auto injector next week and if its doable then get a prescription and use it for days before sex.Continue with 10mg Cialis.

Long term PE solution

Try hypnotherapy.
The doctor has prescribed Clomipramine 10mg. Try that before sex.
Learn and practice stop start technique.
Try the auto injector next week and if its doable then get a prescription and use it for days before sex.

Short term PE solution

Promescent spray

Has anyone used self injections and can share some insights.


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