I've been eyeing this for....yeaars....and all i have to say is WOW i wish i bought this years ago.

Any other guys have any products like this they recomend?  I did the stamina unit for my first try...but wanna try another.

1st - it is NOT like the real thing....it is cold...dead...and lacking natural lubricant....but....compared to your hand...it is 1000000x better....and THAT is incredible.

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I got one and at first it was off putting but now I like it. Better than my hand that's for sure
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Run it under hot water for a few minutes and use lube.

Real nice, also you can take it out and just use the sleeve.
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Are there any resellers of the authentic one? I can't buy from their site due to not having a credit card.

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I bought mine from Amazon i'm sure some porn shops carry it too.
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Had this and it was great to use but without porn I'd go limp in a ~10secs. Also, mine went moldy after 6 months and this is after washing it after every use
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Did you use water-based lubricants? Silicone or oil-based lubricants will destroy it. Also best not to use soap to clean it.
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I got one awhile back and it was coming handy during time when my wife was in her late pregnancy and after gave birth. You know, those times were rough for me, with sex was at her lowest priority or even non-existence. I found a website that provides an additional piece which is a pole that you can attached the fleshlight at one end and set it up in certain way that you can actually mimic the fucking in a hand-free position. I think the fleshlight is the best invention for us, men, as it provides better feel of a pussy-like than the old version of blow up dolls.
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