1C45B8A5-257D-4228-A6BE-5440CEE687F5.jpeg  EE397C0B-FEA0-4AD5-8CBA-9E4986754E72.jpeg  67798047-1E34-4038-B0EA-5FF1A54974E8.jpeg  Hey guys so I decided to go ahead and get the PRiapus shot (P-shot) mainly to see if it helps increase sensitivity and erection firmness.

I’ve lost a bit of sensation due to being circumcised and research suggests the p-shot could help.

on a side note the website suggests that it may increase girth and length but I don’t hold high hopes for that

current stats
EL: 6.75
EG: 5.2
FL: 5.5
FG: 4.5

will keep you posted. I’d be keen to anyone who’s had this already?

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Post injection a little red. 

the injections themselves hurt a bit even though I lathered everything up with numbing cream especially the two injections in the head. 2 others In the shaft. Overall it’s hard to even spot where the injections went. 

no erection as yet as I need to leave it alone for a few days. 

interestingly the doctor said no need to pump but I can from tomorrow if I feel like it. 


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keep us posted on the chnages you see.
do you mind sharing your pumping routine
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I’ve got a bit of noticeable bruising this morning. I took 1/4 Cialis last night and woke up with a massive erection this morning which felt more intense than usual. Hard to tell if it was any better than usual but it’s still too early to tell. Apparently the effects take place about a week after the injection.

I will pump twice a day at 10hg for ten minutes as I’ve read this is the usually prescribed pumping routine. 

I want to make sure I get the best results possible. As I said my goal is erection firmness and sensitivity.. not chasing a bigger dick although who wouldn’t be happy if it comes along in the process 

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How are your results now I want the P-shot and hoping for Girth increase
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Are you looking for permanent gains? I thought p shot was for intercourse not gains

Before:   18cm erect length                                13 cm       erect girth         

10/18 After Round 1, 12x30% + 13x10% = 25 15.5 cm    erect girth
09/19 After Round 2, 14x30% + 6x10%
10/19 After Round 3, TBD
04/20 After Round 4, TBD


Goal: Retired from PE due to satisfaction of penis size.

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Any gains in EL EG? 
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