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For those who couldn't understand he is stating that most requests come from patients with normal sized units who want to feel better about themselves in front of the mirror. He only offers reversible interventions, namely injections of hyaluronic acid. He charges 280 Euros per syringe of product and gives as a reference cost that of 5 syringes in a normal intervention. He says there is no limit of how much product can be injected, saying that however it is his duty to prevent it from reaching absurd levels. He also states that the effect lasts two years.

In comment I must say that the effect is a degressive one, and while it might take two years for all of the product to be completely resorbed and to return to one's original dimensions, it appears that after one year's time the volume increase will have diminished by half, requiring regular topping up sessions say every few months? I have no idea however of the physical sensation and degree of hardness of an erect unit enhanced by hyaluronic acid, those interested should enquire.

In any case I think that this is a positive option for those wanting to stay into a holding pattern until venturing forth into a more permanent solution such as PMMA. If so then one could always await full resorption and then undertake some other form of phalloplasty. It might also be an interesting procedure to explore if he is willing to administer it to the glans. I am personally planning on asking him this in the near future. I shall keep others here posted of his reply and any further information, especially if I undergo such a procedure.

Hunk Chunk
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