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Having a 4-year product would result in many less follow-up procedures. Translated, lost business. 100% of the documented Ellanse patients on this forum are satisfied customers (penile applications). I've yet to read about one documented Ellanse patient that is dissatisfied.
CURRENT: 6.2" EL x 5.5" EG
GOAL: 7" EL x 6" EG
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This is Dr Oates thread so I will post a response elsewhere.  Dr Oates can probably address the topic if it hasn't already been addressed.
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Hi Dr oates, 

I'm new here and have been reading from the first post to the latest one. It's very insightful to all the questions you have answered.

The information I've gathered from reading the whole thread is HA vs ellanse. The pros and cons of each procedure. The workmanship. And real life testimonies with media coverage as well and I applaud you for your work.

I know the whole procedure is more of a girth thing but does the procedure comes with secondary benefits to length. Especially to erect length? Thanks in advance! 
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So from what I've read, as of now Ellanse is a safe option.
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Hi Dr Oates

From Northern WA here.
I'm booking in to see you hopefully in March.
In regards to the new Ha filler that Hugel Pharma released, I did some research and it appears they have changed the name to Volus 10 and brought it out under another company name (Across).
Are there any more updates on these new fillers at all?

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Dr Oates
Brojas86 - No no heard any more on Volus 10. Prior 10 ml body HA, Macrolane, eventually got pulled as it caused too many problems.
What ever you do, make sure it is safe.

Google calibreclinic

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