Dr Oates
Hi Guys,

We have the opportunity for 2 patients to have HA and Ellanse on the 25th of November Sydney - so just 2 weeks.

The catch is they must agree to - 
1. Filming of the consultation and procedure for our medical education/training
2. Post procedure interview with some media (i.e. podcast phone interview)
3. Use of pre/post photos, measurements, video in marketing
I all of this you will not have your face/name identified.

Costs 10ml HA $2850 (or 15ml $4000), Ellanse 3 yr $3625 for 10 ml.

Fee free to PM me if interested.
What ever you do, make sure it is safe.

Google calibreclinic

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That's the week of Thanksgiving in the U.S.
CURRENT: 6.2" EL x 5.5" EG
GOAL: 7" EL x 6" EG
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Hi Dr
Did you use Ellanse L or Ellanse E?
Are either of the Ellanse able to be removed without surgery?
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