Ever since the forum has been upgraded, it has made viewing latest posts impossible because it starts from post 1, then once you get to bottom of page it asks  to load more posts.

So if the latest post is "post 500" you would to keep scrolling down, loading more posts, which takes for ever if a thread is 18 pages long. In the old mobile classical view, it would take me to the latest or I could tap on the page number I wanted. But now, there aren't even any page number on threads, just the annoying load more posts.

Could the mods please give mobile users, the option of a classic view of forum. It would be greatly appreaciated
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there should be a link in the menu on the top right.  Click the menu button, scroll to the bottom, and click "Desktop Version".  To switch back to mobile, click the link at the bottom of the page. 

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Or you could append the url with ?trail=100000
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Skeptical One
Thank you both BDMike and nohidingstyle, it's genuinely & greatly appreciated!

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Thanks soo much. I had been looking for that option but somehow missed it entirely. I was ripping my hair out. I feel calm and happy now [biggrin] lol. Thanks for the quick reply guys [wink]
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