I was having this this conversation wth a mate, as it came out of drunken conversation around some girls knew had seen both him and his brother naked and telling him hes more impressive manhood then his older brother.  Which he confirmed is the case as he admitted comparing himself to his brother and farther any chance he gets. 

I guess do blokes do this?  how do you compare?
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no man no blokes do this.. that is really weird

Before Manual PE:
BPEL 6.25"(probably less as i wasn't measuring right)
EG: top 4.8" base 5.25"

After Manual PE:
Hanging, Jelqing, ULI, Pumping... tried almost everything.
BPEL 7.5"
nbpEL 6.8"  (this measurement varies quite a bit)
EG below glans 5.25"
EG base 6.8"

After 2 pmma rounds

length is same
base girth 7.5"
Mid-shaft girth 6.5"
just below head girth 6"
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All the more reason men need pmma.
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I try to be a gent about stuff like this.  I'd like to think I still will be when I get the big dick I'm looking for.  Why would I want to make my friends insecure?
  • [BPEL x basegirth / midgirth / circscargirth]
  • Pre PMMA: 7x4.5/4.25/4.5 (generous / great erection during measuring)
  • Round1: 24cc 10%/30% Linnea w/Dr.C: 7x5.5/4.75/4.75 (kind of averaging measurements, more realistic)
  • Round2: 25cc 10%/30% Linnea w/Dr.C: 7x6/5.5/5 (possibly subject to change, still recovering)
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