Herbert West
Guys, my glans is only 4.25" girth in erection, can I expect on 4.8" - 5" after HA injection procedure? And how long in average it would stay, before than it start absorbed?
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No, but from my experience you can probably gain around .25" erect. So you could expect to be 4.5". I had Lipen (do NOT get Lipen, it gave me necrosis. You are correct to go for HA - Hyaluronic Acid). I got your message by the way, I'll send you pics in a little bit.

Dr. Rosenthal is the man you want to see for this, since he's the only doc we have a progress report on with HA and it was successful. He's also pretty decently recieved in his other penile procedures as well (aka not hated) which is another reason to go for him.

Search for ArcticSky's progress report. His stayed large even after one year out, which was pleasantly unexpected on his part.
Like we said in the other thread, STAY AWAY from Dr. Cho and Lipen D!!
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