Ideal time to wait between PMMA round 1 and round 2 19  votes

 6 weeks 5 votes
 3 months 6 votes
 4 months 1 vote
 5 months 0 votes
 6 months 3 votes
 More than 6 months 4 votes
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Hi all,

I'm wondering what you think is the ideal time between PMMA round 1 and PMMA round 2?  

Of course there are differences in each situation and in the desired results so that will sway the responses.

I initially thought the time for round 2 would be only after the PMMA from round 1 has totally stabilized.  I read in a poll most believe that occurs somewhere after 3 months or even after 6 months.

Dr C and others are performing round 2 much earlier than 3 months so I'm confused.  

Thanks in advance for you insights.  


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I cant say if any of those is better then others, but the doc in prague Said that longer time is better! And min 2 months
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I can't say what is ideal. I was told a minimum of6 weeks by Dr. C. That's what I did. Worked for me.
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I did 90 days after first round to the second and third round will be 6 weeks after second round.
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9-12 weeks is ideal, in my opinion.  They can see how the last round settled, make some fixes, and then the PMMA won't be "too mature" (just a weird theory I have) to bind to the new pmma.  I waited 9 months between R2 and R3 and it was a mess.  I think part of the problem was that my R1 + R2 implant was very fibrous and solid and tight...and the linnea safe that was injected just got pushed out the injection sites until I got some massive nodules.  The pmma had nowhere to go.  If I went back earlier (and maybe if he used less) I think i would've been better off.

Then again, many people here have had layer after layer into many months post op - so there's no one answer.   Also, there's something to be said for just getting it over with. So, just do your 2-3 rounds within 6 months and move on with your life & new penis. 

Part 1:  The first year - recovering 1/2" girth lost to Peyronie's Disease (Round 1 & 2 Metacrill PMMA)
Part 2:  Things starting to go bad (I had nodules removed and excisions wouldn't heal)  (After Round 3)
Part 3: Resolving Round 3 problems caused entirely by USA doctors.
Part 4: All PMMA (from all 3 rounds) hardened 6-12 months after round 3.

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Thanks all.   I ended up waiting 11 weeks.  I had my second round yesterday.   So far so good.   Fingers crossed.  [smile]

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I wonder much about this. I'll think I will go for 6 weeks, but are worried if it'll be affecting my gains. Ideally I should probably wait a bit longer, but sadly I dont really got much time.
Any theory have much it can have to say? I'll guess I just have to wait and see how it look after 5 weeks and Re-schuele if neccessary..
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Well I can tell you how MINE looks after 5 weeks...small!  It seems that most of the product has resorbed and my dick feels smallish in my hands again.

My flaccid seems to be a little longer than original, from 3" to about 4" now.

The flaccid girth seems to have stabilized from roughly 4.5ish to about 4.75+ and if I un-squeeze the tape a little, then 5" girth.

My erection is what tends to look bigger and I will have to measure it when I get erect again and post it in my thread.

My point is that I'm starting to think that 6 weeks could be that sweet spot for being able to get round 2.  Unfortunately for me, I won't be able to do it until the 6 month time frame.

Would that be too long to wait, too mature already for new pmma to stick?
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I will consultate very closely with Wade about this. My personal theory is that maybe for aesthetically reasons, waiting atleast 2 months is best. This is dr. n's opinion also which we know is very concerned about aesthetically good results.

However, if its like some say, that it can be "too mature" so that the new layers simply get over like a new "independent layer" from the last, maybe it can cause more issues in a longer frame?

I probably will wait 8 weeks just to be sure, but will disclose what Wade say about it. He always seem like a very honest guy.
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I waited 11 weeks.  That could be too long.  I don't think it's too soon though.  I think this layer stabilization theory has merit, so you need to strike while the iron's still hot and get a subsequent round right after the 2 month mark.  Since there was no way to vote for 8 weeks, I had to vote for 3 months since technically, that was the closest fit.  Do I think 6 weeks is too soon?  Perhaps, because maybe you need to heal a bit more, i.e., scar tissue, but don't let it heal too much and harden too much  Although I don't believe there's collagen growth after 2 weeks, I  believe there's hardening of the scar tissue up till about the 8th to 11th week.  That's why I think if you get another round before your body is completely healed up you'll be able to have one layer continue to graft into the old layer thus creating optimal results.  I think the pumping thing is true and that's why Wade says to pump so that the scar tissue can expand out rather than close up and harden.  Once it's "too" healed so to speak, I think then your scar tissue has matured like Letsee said and then you'll have two independent layers growing and that might just cause issues down the line.  
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I thought it was 6 months
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Dr C told me the longer the better. Which makes sense to me. I experienced a lot of softening at around 10 months after round 1. 
I experienced the same "softening" around 10 months for round 2.

I think it is the period of time when your body stops trying to reject the PMMA and the residual inflammation disappears. Not certain however.

Disclaimer: what worked for me may not be suitable for another person. We all have different bodies, medical history, etc. What worked for me now could change in the future.
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