Skeptical One
What are some features you'd like to see that you don't see here, or is something you see here that must translate over to the new site?

I'm not saying 3.0 is in development but I just wanted to throw ideas around.

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Thread subscriptions.   Email notification if someone tags you in a post, so you can reply quicker.  

DM messages linking to overall reputation.  

Just want to say.  Great board here.  I would personally love to see more people validating there gains and experiences.  whether thats a sub group under the main forums . or just a suggestions overall .  haha.   Perhaps increase the reputation of those who validated.   or have a validation badge.       - i only say this from my experience reading other boards.   We all want sound advice to achieve our goals and are willing to put our own bodies at stake for these goals.  You ( I ) have always leaned to the advice of those who can prove their methods.   
Anyway,  just some thoughts.   Hope all this helps.   
Once again,  Love this fucking board.  
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Herbert West
- user-friendly design of the website

- advanced searching option

- displaying time of the last visit of any member (this option unavailable now and you have no idea if some member has visited board 1 day ago or 1 year ago)

- counter of the total number of posts, threads, members

- maybe an additonal section for the people with erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease
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Allow users to see when another user was last online that way you know if they're reasonably active or not and whether you can expect a response sooner or later.  This is a feature that was active a few months ago but I cant see anyone's activity except my own when I hover the mouse over the icon next to my name. 
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You can try Changing the forum in a crowdfunding platform for tissue bionegineering. Establish important contacts with representatives in the medical world such as: bionengineers, researchers, doctors, surgeons, that may lead in creating a well developed team; the money raised will be for bioengineering printers and equipment, team specializing, protocol development, etc.
You already created something amazing: a platform that gathered people from all over the world.
Thunder for example has over 500.000 members; i am quite sure that this forum also has over 100.000 members.
If you ever considered that in the past, you can private message for further input.

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