At what girth does sex start to deteriorate and become a serious issue 77  votes

 5.25" or below 1 vote
 5.5" 3 votes
 5.75" 2 votes
 6" 12 votes
 6.25" 2 votes
 6.5" 18 votes
 6.75" 11 votes
 7" 16 votes
 7.25" 4 votes
 7.5" or above 8 votes
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- At what girth would sex become less "fun" and more of a pain in the ass (pun intended)?
- When would BJs/anal become pretty much impossible to get?
- When do the "oh yes more!" start getting replaced by the "ouch, stop that hurts too much"?

From personal experience being a single guy going after girls 18-30, I can say that at 6 inches EG, I haven't had problems with any of my partners. I would estimate EG become an issue for some girls at 6.75 inches. At that girth, the chances of getting proper BJs or anal would be slim and vaginal sex could be more difficult with very tight girls.

On a couple PE forums, it seems like anything above 6 inches starts getting problematic. It would be interesting to compare results with this forum.

So at what girth does sex start to deteriorate?

EL: 8
Mid EG: 6.3
Base EG: 7.25
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For the man or woman? It would seem, from reading the forum, that as long as the guy can get it in and she can take in, then it has an enhancing effect for our members. We so frequently read guys saying about their partners, "i know she could take more." I suspect it's hugely unlikely most women actually want more, as many of our members are already huge, but the idea of being bigger and seeing their reaction to a big size, seems to have an incredibly pleasurable effect for most of our members. It seems to ware off though and then they have to start thinking about more size. So many times we've guys say this is their last round and then 6 months later they book in for more. This to me confirms, for many of our members, it's all about the thrill of seeing their partner acknowledging they are "big" in the most sincere way.

From a woman's point of view, it's very hard to say, as there is more to it than we ever seem to discuss here. I think once they get to a size when they start to feel sore then next day or can can only have sex once a night and need plenty of lube and foreplay, it's probably bigger than what would be ideal for them. That's not to mean they wont enjoy a very large girth or not cum quicker from a larger one. So I'd say problematic probably is lower than most of our members think, at around 5.5" girth. But problematic doesn't mean off putting or not desirable, but just literally that it can be an issue for them. It doesn't mean they wont enjoy a bigger size more.
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So my take from the experience with my wife is that we cannot have quickies anymore. We have to have plenty of lube and foreplay,
However for her the act is more enjoyable. The large girth provides more stimulation for her and she comes to orgasms quicker. However it limits our sexual encounters especially if we have been drinking. I find that I am rougher on her when drinking and she will be sore the next day. If we are sober, then we are both mindful on how much lube we use and roughness. She is not sore the next day after that and we can go at it again. Visually the girth is better. She pays more attention to it during the day , wants to see it or touch it or joke to friends. In the end I think it depends on your partner and what they like.
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Once at 7" erect base 6" neck girth, the problems start. Above 7", and one's options are severely limited to bigger vaginas which are due to child birth and/or genes. Anal and BJ's have the same outcome at and above 7" base, 6" neck.

For me, I found out that at about 6.75" base girth tapering to about 5.5" was perfect for my ladies of young no children age. But once I reached or passed the 7" base and 6" neck, my options were limited, for sure no anal and BJ's were done for a short time and only at about 1"-2" of erect length in the mouth.

I have always said that a taper is very usable for small to bigger sized vaginas. However, I do know that some men do not like the tapered look and prefer the cylindrical look.

As mentioned above by GSXR, a quicky becomes a problem if one is at or above 6.5" neck to 7" base without major foreplay and lube.

Below 6.5" neck and 7" base May be good for most average sized vaginas but not for the small or Asian ones.

Perhaps the most comfortable and easy penis size for quickies, anal, BJ and everything else is around 6" base tapering down to 5.5" neck.

Also, Length is important to a certain extent, I'd say 6"-7" EL may be the best length for most women.
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I can definitely say chicks enjoyed sex with me more at 6.25" girth than where I am at now after my latest round. (in the 7" girth range).

Physically I enjoy sex more currently... mentally I enjoyed it more before my last round (It's way hotter knowing you are driving them crazy with lust vs them having ok but sore sex then complaining afterward about soreness).

So overall: I say for the women I have encountered in my life at various sizes the best range was 5.5" - 6.25" girth.
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sizemic: when you were 6.25" midshaft girth, what was you base girth?
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6.25" base girth as well. I am fairly uniform all the way.
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sizemic: could you go balls deep with that size?
and also, could you get regular oral and anal sex?
and did women notice the PMMA or they thought it was natural?

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Yes I can go balls deep after a good amount of fucking first.

95% of the girls I encounter have never tried anal and certainly have no desire to once they see my cock. And BJ's are only basically the head and circ line and thats about it... lots of teeth.

Yes I have had a few girls notice something was up now... most of the time I blame it on some sort of medical problem when I was younger making it HUGE but lots of scar tissue (thats why its harder in some spots).
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sizemic: women began noticing after your last procedure or before?
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Sizemic, have any of the girls been turned off by your story and then decided not to try?
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Before and after... I have 93cc ... kinda hard not to notice haha.

@gsxr: Not yet! I make sure not to say it was a disease!

I basically say:
"You know how they warn you on the Viagra commercials that if you have an erection longer than 4 hours to go to the hospital? ... well when I was 17 I had an erection that was caused by a blockage in one of the main veins in my penis... blood could go in fine but couldn't get out! This caused it to get really really huge and it was really painful, the erection lasted like 12 hours! Docs had to inject me with something to stop the erection and they had to fix the blocked vein. I got lucky because when everything was all healed I ended up super thick! Everything is fine now, I'm just huge.

And if they ask about the ridge near the circ scar I say due to that happening I had to get an adult circumcision, its just a thick scar.

Then we bang.
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The above story has worked on 3 nurses and 2 masters of biology students... When it comes to the penis, even medical professionals don't know shit. Likely only a Urologist would call something like that out as BS.
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This being said... I still believe the ideal range for most women to maximize pleasure 5.5" - 6.25" I can tell they don't enjoy my new hog as much (aside from the novalty of it).
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Sizemic, I have a 5 inch girth and to upgrade my unit to 6 inches.
Do you think that at that point it will become noticeable? Maybe 5.75 midshaft and 6.0 base girth

Also, do you think the PMMA texture (which feels harder) is a bonus?

Thank you
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