Hi Fellow Phallos 


Having been a member since 2017 and being hugely appreciative of being able to have such a great platform to lean upon for general information & advice I feel it is now time I offer something back. 


My story in a nut shell : 

I’ve always been plagued with feeling inadequate, I’m fairly average both flaccid and erect but at over 6ft and 115kg of muscle let’s just say that it doesn’t look too proportioned and hasn’t since the age of 13 (now 40). 


Because of my frame I’ve always attracted what I guess to be either size queens, or women that assume I must be hung, they’ve dropped comments like, “I love rugby player build guys, they’re hung like donkeys” and “look at the size of your hands and feet, bet your cock is huge” blah blah, obviously after hearing that, boom! anxiety kicks in and it retracts so far in you need a drain plunger to suck the thing back out!


On the odd occasions I have got on with it, yes, you can bet your bottom dollar within a few days their mates are dropping little jokes, looking at the crotch and the lads will all be laughing.  


I learnt to bring my self out of anxiety by thinking it could be smaller, saying to my self  “I’m average” but as the years went and continue, I find my self cock and bulge watching and comparing images with my own tackle. 


Anyway, I finally settled down with my wife who has always said she’s been happy but I had always suspected wouldn’t have complained for more as she did everything possible to shy away from looking at cocks or porn, talking about cocks past and present and playing with larger toys etc. 


A couple of years ago I plucked up the courage and decided to have HA filler injections. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a pretty shit experience and it didn’t work, a very lazy doctor who couldn’t be bothered resulted in it being left back to square one but a good few thousand out of pocket. 


Since then I’ve spent most of the time feeling sorry for my self and looking into alternatives such as PMMA (no uk doctors from what I’ve seen), Ellanse (Too new) as well as Lig & Fat transfer (Too risky). All of which were at the back of my mind but not too high on the agenda.


That was the case until on a recent kind of ultimatum of an argument I asked for the truth and In the heat of the moment she admitted that she feels bigger is better and would prefer it if I were bigger, I felt a sense of relief hearing the truth but still, after 20 years of marriage that hurt, it hurt even more knowing that nothing can really be done about it.


It did secure what I had always thought though, having missionary sex once every 4 to 6 weeks at a time for 20 years with no foreplay, oral any way and with a get it over and done with attitude can only mean there is “0” excitement and fulfilment for her. 


Being left quite devastated by this I came to the conclusion that I may as well have another go at HA as it is probably the best option for hanging onto any self belief, and the misses providing it’s administered by a Dr that can spare me more than 10 minutes!  


So, on that note I’m now gonna book my self in for as many ml of HA as possible in the next 3 weeks. 


I will be updating with Before, after and Progress info and photos should anyone want to follow. 


Wish me luck peeps! 



FL: 4.5” 12cm

FG: 4” 10cm 

EL: 6.5” 17cm

EG: 5” 13.5cm 



Struggle to Fill a toilet roll flaccid

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Thanks for sharing. Our starting stats are very similar, and your description of your wife’s lack of fulfillment and thus interest rings true. There are good options for us, it seems. Check out my Ellanse thread. Though it’s too soon for me to give a wholehearted endorsement, I’m cautiously optimistic this will get me to where I want to be (somewhere north of 6.25 EG).
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Hi Researching 

Funnily enough I read your thread before I posted, I think ellanse is probably better and your girth looks really good, I think it helps being cut and having a bigger gland to fill up to. The reason I have opted for HA is because I’m worried that I might get clustering on the foreskin with either but worse case, if it happens and it’s with HA I can reverse it. 

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So an update report having just come back from Dr Greta. 

Overall a Very good experience, leaps and bounds more professional than my previous run in with HA, Infact I feel quite shell shocked at how amateur and unprofessional the previous experience was. 

At my consultation previously I was recommended 16ml of voluma which is what I committed to.

I felt fairly positive Walking into the clinic but again the anxiety really kicked in when I couldn’t feel the old chap because of the cream and I was turtling before by boxers hit the ground! Dr G is pretty cool and laid back so I was fairly relaxed after a few minutes but it did continue to shrivel throughout! 

The procedure lasted around an hour, painless luckily. 

I reckon I’ll end up having some gaps between Mid shaft and Head, there is a term for it but it escapes me, anyway, if needs be I’ll happily get that filled in if possible. 

I have attached some pre op Photos taken this morning and post up a couple of hours after 

I’ll keep updating as the weeks pass by 

08A56D05-B82D-4A5D-8186-94C07C11BCDE.jpeg  DB3D9EE3-4670-4301-8106-AE18F96362A3.jpeg  231EC004-716E-4413-8E1E-5140A7F9F24E.jpeg  D7911CD8-9081-4584-8535-9CDA52174406.jpeg  59983CAF-C357-4E74-A3A2-406C0D05E179.jpeg  E12CC563-3FB5-49F9-9E81-108003D281CE.jpeg 

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Looks very promising and thanks for sharing. I believe it’s called accordion effect but the more learned here can correct me if I’m wrong. How is it feeling?
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All is going well, there wasn’t much bruising, a little red and tender but that all.  The swelling was crazy, it got up to 7” girth at base when erect  but it’s slimming down now  so I’m going to keep a close eye on the measure day to day. It feels great to hold, a proper handful and because of the weight the Flaccid length is hanging long at 5 inch so with the added girth jogging bottom bulge is great. 

The accordion affect is quite pronounced when flaccid and I pull back the foreskin, there is a clear area of where the HA finishes and the shaft and skin goes inward up to that point.

The dr said to leave it 2 weeks before sex so  hopefully I don’t lose too much before the misses gets to see it! 

I’ll post a few pics later today 
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Okay so 6 days in -swelling is going down but gains are still there - hopefully doesn’t go down too much more 

Accordion affect Is just present when flaccid no I pull back the foreskin,  when erect the shape Ian good 

some flaccid Width and Length and erect Width pics attached 

Cant explain how’s pleased I am with it, the aesthetics now all look fairly proportioned on My frame   

92ECBBC9-D561-41CB-9A2B-1C3A6776ADB3.jpeg  5E45A4DF-7319-481F-BACC-0D77D90A60B7.jpeg  301A4EDC-39B9-4219-8F35-26A0F3A694D9.jpeg 
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Dr Oates
What ever you do, make sure it is safe.
CALIBRE Clinic Australia
Google calibreclinic
Perth, Melbourne, Sydney
(+61) 1300 105 505
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It’s a bad morning! Flaccid girth is 5inc, lost an inch in 2 days

gone from 7” 1 day post to 5” 7 days post 

Erect girth is 6.25” 

Is this normal reduction, I.e. most of the gain was swelling? 
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Hi @Johncohen1220 - it’s seems to of settled at flaccid 5” girth and erect 6.1/4 girth. It Hangs flaccid at 5” long and erect varies between 6” and 6.1/2 long.

16ml, £3,500 - 1ml was free as a I had one left over from my previous visit with Dr H. 

I’ve booked in for another 10ml so going to get a top up to push 6.5 to 7” girth erect and also maybe beef the head up too if possible. 

The aesthetic when it was pushing that girth swollen looked so better proportioned and felt a hole lot better too so it’s worth the extra, I’m fortunate enough to be able to afford it right now so I may as well why I can. 

Ill keep the photos and progress updates as and when things happen 
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Looks great! how is Mrs Joe finding it? Is this all with 16ml HA? 
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@Johncohen1220 i thought it was cheaper in the US! Would have gone for ellanse but the Dr said it’s best on 45 year old plus because the skins thicker; I’ll get the ellanse when the HA eventually subsided and I’ve seen more reports etc. No nodules at all although there is a very slight Lump with the incision was made for the syringe. 
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@Johnheisen85 yes all with the 16ml, the missis said it looked better initially when it was swollen and flaccid at circa 6”+ girth but said it has shrunk noticeably, she says sex feels no different, don’t know whether that’s because she’s trying to make out there was never an issue before or just that’s it’s still not big enough 🤣😢.
I have noticed that it’s a bit soft to touch when erect and because my glands are smaller than the shaft, kind of cone shaped, I think the sensation is less because she’s shaping to the shaft. 
Erect length hasn’t increased, just flaccid 
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Has the HA firmed up since injection? Or does it stay soft?
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It’s still quite soft flaccid and erect but seems to of settled in place, it’s very even and it hasn’t migrated nor any nodules. 

I don't know whether it does firm up completely, I think it’s ellanse that is the harder product 
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