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@ PhalloBoard Members

PhalloBoards now partners with Physicians & Clinics that deliver the 3 "E's" of credibility: "established, experienced, & ethical." PhalloBoards in no way endorses, cosigns, or validates the claims or services of any of our Sponsors. We also do not delete or censor any legitimate criticisms or negative reviews of our Sponsors, assuming they abide by Forum Rules.

Remember that this section is not a place for members to start topics/threads. Members can, however, join in discussion on threads that have not been locked.

PhalloBoards simply provides a platform for advertisement space & educational content that benefits all parties (the forum, the viewers/members, and the Sponsors). We select from only the very best in the field of medical/surgical penis enlargement.

By bringing on board the best names in phalloplasty, we hope to achieve 4 principle goals:
  1. Funding for PhalloBoards (maintenance, operation, and future projects)
  2. Knowledgeable and qualified opinions from the world's leading PE (penis-enlargement) authorities.
  3. Providing members an alternative form of inquiry by which they can have specific matters & questions addressed.
  4. An opportunity to improve and expand methodology by allowing member & Physician dialog.

In a world of dubious practitioners looking to capitalize on men's insecurities (i.e. perceived physical shortcomings) it's crucial that PhalloBoards get's only the best Sponsors. The forum has maintained a nearly-decade long reputation for transparency & impartiality, so it is equally crucial that we maintain our integrity by approving only the best Doctors "in the game" today.

@ PhalloBoard Sponsors

The term "Sponsor" and "Commercial Account" are interchangeable. To members you're effectively a "PhalloBoards Sponsor," and to myself & the Moderators, a "Commercial Account."

If you're an up-and-coming Clinic/Physician that would like to acquire a Sponsorship/Commercial Account, please email from your official office email address providing me as much information about what you do (including a link to your website). I'll review your eligibility and if it passes the 3 "E's" test, will extend you an offer for a Commercial Account.

PhalloBoards now have two official emails: (use this if you wish to contact me directly) and (this is simply a backup account). They are both legitimate correspondences should you see them in your inbox.

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