Hi all,

Is Elyst the only one offering testicle implants the "cupples"/goes over the existing ones?

I have been searching and searching.

And Happy New Year 
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There is a doctor in Rome that does it.
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CURRENT: EL 8"  EG 7" midshaft  FL 7-7.5"  FG 6.25-6.5"
GOALS: EL 9"  EG 7"  FL 8"+  FG 6.5"
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briceb wrote:
There is a doctor in Rome that does it.


Before:   18cm erect length                                13 cm       erect girth         

10/18 After Round 1, 12x30% + 13x10% = 25 15.5 cm    erect girth
09/19 After Round 2, 14x30% + 6x10%
10/19 After Round 3, TBD
04/20 After Round 4, TBD


Goal: Retired from PE due to satisfaction of penis size.

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Elist is the only one I found in the states..wasn’t willing to travel internationally 🙂
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Dr. Eppley also can do the cover type enhancement or add standard implants.


My testicles are small. I am planning to go to Miami in February for implants added next to my natural ones.  There is enough room.  I think the natural ones will probably feel like the thick part of cords for the new ones.  A thread will attach them to tough sack that holds the real ones.  That keeps them in alignment.  This is how the clinic explained it to me.  Covers are done by Elist and Eppley.  Implants with natural ones are done by Whitehead (Miami), Eppley (Indianapolis), Grober (Toronto for Canada residents only).  Some doctors give a hint that they will do it if the natural ones are small enough.  I did write to a clinic in Buenos Aires the doctor will consider adding implants next to natural ones. He said that it depended on the size of my real ones.  The Miami clinic does this procedure a lot.  They said all their patients are happy with the results. No one has wanted them removed.  For me, I think it’s the best place to go.

This is a videos of an implant being added for a guy missing one.

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