I would like to know if its possible to increase penis length using glans injections, I know that it may sound weird but, by logic, if you use glans injections that means youre glans are gonna be bigger, and if theyre bigger it may add something to penis length, i dont know, maybe not, im just curious. Please somebody answer this question, i really want to know.
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Skeptical One
I don't think you can safely or adequately enhance the glans to significantly impact overall penis length. I just don't see the risks of the procedure justifying the negligible gains in length.

From your thinking, I'd recommend edging/ballooning instead. It's a manual PE technique that requires you attain a max erection and hold it for a period of time to engorge the glans (using a cock ring could help). Overtime this can condition the tissue to engorge more blood and theoretically give you a small boost in length. I know because years ago I tried it and it did work for me. The mechanism for the size gain I believe was an improvement in erection quality through conditioning via edging/ballooning.

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Dr Oates
You can probably confidently count on getting about 1 mm in extra length. Unfortunately this is not the answer.
What ever you do, make sure it is safe.
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