Hi everyone,

I have been reading a lot on this site, and i have found very useful info, I kinda know what I want to do, but I wanted to get a final opinion from everyone who is kind enough to provide me with their experience/opinion. I'm a 23 year old, and i'm pretty tall, about 6'4 feet/inches. I know my penis size isn't considered small, it goes in the average range. But compared to my body, it does look small. 

Currently my size is as follows:
   Length: 3.5in
   Girth: 4.75in
   Length: 5in 
   Width: 5.5in

I am just a bit overweight, but not too much, if I do get very lean, Ill gain 1/2in at most, because when I push my fat back now, half an inch gets added to my erect length.

Do you guys think it is possible for me to gain length just above 6 inches without getting my ligament cut, and add half an inch to my girth without injections?

If so, what tools would you guys recommend, and what routine?

As well, do you think it's a good idea to get my ligament cut for this  purpose?


I would really appreciate all of your advice and honest opinions.

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I Think it could be possible if you are willing to put in some hard work.
Go in PeGym and start the beginner Routine. 
After this you can buy extender/ hanger or other stuff. 
My main goal was always to have a bigger flaccid and manual PE didnt change a lot there, so i will get the lig cut even tho I dont really like this solution...
but I dont think i will be able to lay down this insecurity by myself  so its the only way I see.
But if you never did manual PE exersice before I would give it a try. 
If you are consistent there is a hugh probability to gain in size, but it takes time 
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Thanks for the Reply Bomber99
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I'm 6'1 270lbs, 1"FL & 5.5"EL. I was first debating about getting it done. I wouldn't wanna deal with that scar after the lig cut. So I opt not to do it but I'm still thinking about get Ellanse injections. 
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