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Found this linked in a TP thread:

It lists the names of doctors in Europe who perform penoplasty (which I believe is the same thing as phalloplasty) and the cost estimates.

The member who posted this link in the other forum said that these doctors generally perform ligament & fat transfer procedures, but I have not confirmed this yet.  If anyone else can help dig more into the validity of this link, it would be greatly appreciated.  Especially for European members.


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I am new to this forum. I will look into FFT and penis lengthening surgery with the Czeck Republic surgeons because they are the least expensive. Failing that are there recommended surgeons in Europe? I am from Britain but the cost here is too expensive for me.
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No one I can recommend. I wouldn't go abroad for FFT either as you'll usually need top ups and this will become very expensive.

Penis enlargement isn't cheap, not matter what option you choose.

The truth is you are better off leaving your penis as it is and should only consider enlargement if you are really desperate. 
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