Skeptical One

I'm looking for someone who can type/write/speak both Spanish and English proficiently, and are interested in a volunteer Moderator role here at PhalloBoards.  If you feel that you'd make a good candidate for this position, please email me at


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Please message me directly for donation information!

Both valid email contacts:
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what exactly do i have to do as a moderator? can  please describe the duties?
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Since you're fluent in Spanish, you would be expected to enforce forum rules for this thread.  Active participation is required and you would need to read each post in the Spanish Section and likely report to a Moderator, Senior Moderator or the Administrator.  Correct me if I'm wrong Skipper!  Since we don't speak/write/read Spanish fluently, it would be your job to inform us of an infraction of forum rules or disorderly conduct or shilling.

Reference Rules:
Never gonna retire from PE! What? You gotta problem with dat?

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Sick Boy
I speak and write perfect Spanish. Perfect Spanish. Please count me in!!!! 

Sick Boy!
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I can help you with this too...
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It's a shame you carnt find a way to pay Hoddle and let him moderate 24/7.
It's such a shame someone with so much knowledge and experience isn't paid for his work here at PB.
Hoddle you probs no more about Phalloplasty than anyone in the world, why on earth arnt you driving around in a Farrari lol
I think if this wasn't such an embarrassing field you'd have your own business offering people advice and you'd be raking it in.
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I am Spanish too. If I can help...
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