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I measured erect today...very pitiful length - 4.25 inches NBPEL x 6.5 inch EG. Bone pressed there's more length, but it doesn't make me feel any better that inches of my former length are buried within my body. I also know that 6.5 inch girth is a lot compared to average, but to me it feels small (I was 7 inch girth pre-PMMA, PGE1, etc).

Still healing...no sex or masturbation for months (since March) weighs on your quality of life

So you initial treatment was with Dr. Casavantes and Avanti?  I have heard two horror stories and only one good account.  How can you tell if you're allergic before you go in?  Thanks and praying for you to get well; no one deserves that...
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Em4u wrote:

So you initial treatment was with Dr. Casavantes and Avanti?  I have heard two horror stories and only one good account.  How can you tell if you're allergic before you go in?  Thanks and praying for you to get well; no one deserves that...

All my dermal filler treatments were with Avanti. I've read that allergic reactions to PMMA are much more rare then silicone due to the material properties. Though I've read of cases where people were allergic to the carrier used by one brand of PMMA. If you stick with PMMA and opt out of silicone microdrops used for touch-ups or silicone scrotum enhancements, then you will significantly lower your risk. Dr. Loria uses silicone for enlargement, so that is a massive risk people are taking. You will likely get irregularities (e.g. nodules) from PMMA, and you will likely want to correct them with touch-up rounds, and they will likely offer you the "Smooth Finish" with silicone microdrops. Also, if you've ever had cysts anywhere on your body, especially more than one, you should consider that you're more at risk of developing cysts from PMMA as well -- I did. These are breeding grounds for infections -- ticking time bombs if left untreated.

BTW - girth is much easier to gain than length if you're willing to put in the time. I've bought a new stretcher to try and regain lost length. I previously had one but threw it away when I couldn't fit it on anymore. When it did fit, I didn't use it often enough to be effective since the glans would slip below the strap despite various tactics I used. I bought one of the RestoreX stretchers in the Mayo Clinic thread on this forum since they made a superior design to restrain the glans. If it works as comfortably as it looks, then I'll be able to wear it the required hours to have an effect. I also plan to visit a urologist (or two if needed) to see about surgical intervention. Perhaps they can remove scar tissue, skin adhesions, or (last resort and less likely) cut or adjust ligaments to allow more length to project from inside my body again. Once I get length back in check, I figure I can gain a couple inches of girth relatively easily. Though with my new "thinness" (a mere 6.25 inch girth), I will have to use somewhat shorter needles for PGE1 injection then I used before.
Fuck silicone! I was one of the unlucky 3% who had an allergic reaction to it. That may sounds like good odds, but the risk is huge. It also migrates if injected in large quantities (e.g. in the scrotum).

PMMA works, but is prone to irregularities or worse (cysts in my case). Pumping works. Clamping works, but is dangerous. PGE1 works, but there is risk of infection (especially if you have dermal fillers like silicone).

Pre-PMMA size: 6.5 x 7 erect length/girth

2017 stats: 6 x 10.25" flaccid, BPEL: 7 x 10.8" (BPFSL: 7.5 x 10.8")**it shrunk to 6 x 9 flaccid and 7 x 9.75 erect when I stopped taking the PGE1 regularly.

April 2018: 6x10.25 flaccid and 7x10.8 erect when off PGE1. 7x11.25 BPEL on PGE1.

June 2018: 11.5 inch FG, 11.75 inch EG, foreskin regrew and I had head coverage

October 2018: Cyst ulcerated and wounds infected.

Spring - Summer 2019: 100% skin loss due to necrosis and planned surgeries. Multiple reconstructive surgeries accomplished.
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Hi Fatmike. How is the healing going? 
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Hey Mike, here is a link to a guy who got an infection as a result of injecting trimix. As I said previously in this thread, that is what I think happened to you. In your case it was much worse as due to the silicone, the infection wouldn't go and eventually your body literally forces the stuff out.

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Girth Worm Jim
Wow, this is quite a thread. I’m very sorry you’ve had to go through all this fatmike but I do want to say I’m glad it had a relatively happy ending (well it’s not over til you’re dead I suppose haha). But as you stated 6.5” girth is well above average. Huge in fact. Maybe not to you but as someone extremely self conscious I’ve done a lot of reading and even gauging opinions on size from both sexes and I don’t think many women at all would handle much more than 6.5” girth very well. At least not enjoyably so unless they’re a size queen, and those who aren’t wouldn’t be able to take it often most likely either. 

Also so please keep us updated on how the length journey goes. I see you’ve already done some manual PE and are aware of thundersplace too. Which reminds me I’ve actually seen a landslide majority of PE-ers day length comes much easier than girth due to volume and “rubberband theory” (a thicker band or even bungee cord is much harder to stretch than a thinner one). Which makes sense to me but clearly you gained outlandish girth. I can’t even fathom nearly 12”. I’ll be certain to check out any past posts you’ve got here but I’m curious what your sex life was like. You were by far the biggest I’ve ever heard of. I’m not on here all that much but I say another gentleman here who had numerous rounds of pmma and achieved 8” or more girth and it was almost ridiculous. I thought I was being greedy and reaching high by hoping to one day achieve a 7” base girth and hopefully 8-9” length. I’m also hoping you’d be willing to supply us with pictures of what you were able to achieve. I can’t inagie it was a very usable tool in most situations but for scientific purposes of knowing it’s possiblewould be very intriguing. 

Most of all though I'm dying to know more about your experiences and routines with PGE-1. I came across that back on thundersplace and (can’t find the thread or user now but will try again) found a guy who had before and after pictures and had tremendous gains! Especially girth but I think some length as well. Nothing like yours but I was astounded and began researching the substance. I realize one of your most recents comments in this thread stated you didn’t want to type much about it due to your current circumstances however that was some time ago and you seem to be on your road to recovery. I’m very disappointed to hear there was a whole section of chemical PE lost to the abyss. I sincerely hope to learn more from you as I believe PGE 1 has incredible potential. Clearly it worked well for you and you even seem comfortable with gong back to it after all this mess with fillers. 

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