Did you lose non bone-pressed erect length after PMMA? 22  votes

 None whatsoever 11 votes
 Yes, but it was only temporary (returned on its own) 5 votes
 Yes, but it was permanent (despite actively trying to regain) 1 vote
 Yes, but it was permanent (have not actively tried to regain) 5 votes
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I'm trying to gather together a list of all of the people on these forums who have experienced either temporary or permanent length loss after having the PMMA procedure, be it round 1 or a later subsequent round. Personally, I'm very concerned about this possible side effect so would like to gather as much data as possible if nobody else has done so already.

PLEASE also post below and include:
- Amount of length lost
- PMMA type (Linnea Safe or Metacrill)
- PMMA concentration (10%, 20%, 30% or a mixture)
- # of CC's in the session that took your length away
- please describe how you gained your length back, or how you didn't

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Greetings to operate me twice, and if I feel lost longiitud like that I stay at the base something hard, not if it fibrois before walked in almost 21.5 cm and right now I feel I'm at 19.5 cm in length, circumference pass 14.8 cm to 17.8 cm after 6 months of surgery, 
Also PLEASE post below and include: 
- Amount of lost 2 cm length 
- PMMA type (Linnea Safe or Metacrill) Metacrill 
- PMMA concentration (10%, 20%, 30% or a mixture) mixture Grease 
- # Of CC's in the session That took your length away 2 
- Please describe how you Gained your length back, or how you did not
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Skeptical One
nohidingstyle wrote:

Wondering if his translator software meant to interpret the word as "fat" - which makes much more sense if we're talking phalloplasty. Not entirely sure though. Hopefully Member Onocentauro can clear it up.

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sorry my english is very bad., is correct fat... thanks
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onocentauro wrote:
sorry my english is very bad., is correct fat... thanks

You need to buy a penis extender device. This will help you get your length back.

Here is a link to a Spanish speaking forum:

Ask for advice about extenders there.
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I'm surprised there's not more discussion here.  I have lost some...initially an inch, then it came back - but now it's shorter again... it's weird.  I am using the stretching device - and it is MAXED out at the top - I usually have some stretchy-ness at the max length.  Now it's fighting it.  I noticed some guys seem to have more hairy bases as they do more and more PMMA - like its sort of shortening the shaft but pulling up the base due to all the pmma in there.  He injects along the shaft into the fat pad.   

After my peyronie's surgery, my length increased for 4-5 months from the inch lost during surgery (I kept updating my signature on here until I just deleted so I wouldn't have to keep changing it)... given that, I think this could be swelling but also maybe the formation of the fibrous PMMA layer that might restrict the length...not sure.   I'm using the stretching device as much as i can. I'd rather have a small dent on the very top than a 1/2 inch loss.. i was only like 5.5-6 to start with.

i had 27 cc 10% 

Part 1:  The first year - recovering 1/2" girth lost to Peyronie's Disease (Round 1 & 2 Metacrill PMMA)
Part 2:  Things starting to go bad (I had nodules removed and excisions wouldn't heal)  (After Round 3)
Part 3: Resolving Round 3 problems caused entirely by USA doctors.
Part 4: All PMMA (from all 3 rounds) hardened 6-12 months after round 3.

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**Bump - I'd like to revive this thread and see if I can get any more responses. I recently had my first procedure w/ Dr. C and lost a solid .25" or more in length. After several weeks. some of it has returned, but I'm still now solidly below average length when before PMMA I was slightly above 5.5" (the stated average length). This poll is currently imperfect because I forgot at least one option, so what I'm really looking for are replies with details of your experiences.

Also, mods, is there a way to edit poll options? I'd like to add the option: 'Yes, but it was only temporary (actively stretched to gain it back)'
But I'm not sure how to do this or if it's possible.
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I'm curious as to the four people who voted in the "yes, but it was permanent" category. Can any of you (or anyone else) elaborate? Actually, make that three - I'm pretty sure one of those votes is mine.
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I didn't lose length but I used an extender extensively for the last 10+ months.

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I lost about .25 - .50 inches. I think it had more to do with the trauma which prevented a full erection. Everything went back to normal in about 2 months.
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I lost 1/4" erect length after ellanse, but it was temporary due to the effect of the inflammation process on the tissue, causing tightness. It came back in about a month or two.
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