Just wanted to make a few points about Ellanse.  And I assume pehaps some similarities to PMMA

This product is movable for a few days.  Especially the first few hours and day.  Take this into considerstion when traveling .
I scared myself half to death after my first round then my flight home.  My package was bent, of course swollen, what appeared to be out shape .
Second tim . Not at all
My advice for care:  
Get a few extra pieces of the cock sock from the dr.  Put a few pieces on; it will with swelling and keep a rough shape without compressing to much.  
Get a damn stretcher.  ONLY get one the attaches to the head. Some way some how- dont care.  Do not compress your shaft with a stretcher during the phase.  

For travel.    Get a few hand warmers from a ski shop.  ( read the damn directions - they take a bit to warm up.   Use then while in the airport and even on the plane ride home .   
    I went to the bathroom twice on a 2 hour or less flight to roll my dick Smooth. 
Leave the warmer on of you so desire and it's not to hot for you. Etc etc.  

Once at your car  Heat and roll again before driving home which will cramp it up again. 

My first round I did hot baths:  FYI - They don't get hot enough; I assure you.  Make a mental note of the hot towel the Dr used on your dick while your getting the procedure done.  They are HOT. 
Second round.  I used 3-4 rags heating 2 of them consecutively while 1-2 was I'm use
 Hint -  stand in front of your microwave.    Or go buy from a garage sale and hide it in your closet. Lol .  

This is a great product from what I have seen and felt so far   But  do care for it.  And do so properly and diligently.
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Hope this helps some of you.   I'm not an expert, just speaking directly from my experiences and adding some facts I got from the dr about my methods.  
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Thanks, Texas. Your posts are important. 
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Who did you use for the work you had done?
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