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Like the original PhalloBoards, your post count will go toward obtainable Titles.  The Titles themselves don't necessarily yield more privileges (i.e. Moderating), but help to signify one's contribution to the greater wealth of knowledge here at PhalloBoards.
50 Posts = Contributing Member
100 Posts = Centurion
250 Posts = ◇ PhalloBoards 250 ◇
500 (Combined) Posts = Phalloboards 500 (Combined Posts refer to a total post-count between the Old Version 1.0 PB & the New Version 2.0 PB. Combined posts are not in effect on this forum for the 50, 100, and 250 post-count milestones.  The 500 Posts milestone is an automatic Gold Title).  Updated February 2012.
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Blue Titles
= Forum Staff (i.e. Administrator, Moderators).
Green Titles = Forum Donors.
Gold Titles = Distinguished Members (e.g. Forum Veterans, High Post Counts, etc).  These accounts have additional perks like free access to pay-sections as well as preferred consideration for Moderator position openings.  These accounts are looked highly upon by the PB Staff.
Pink Titles = Special Accounts, which include Medical Doctors, Nurses, Commercial Accounts, and Technical Accounts.
Gold Title Milestones:

PhalloBoards 500 = 500 Combined Posts.
Phalloboards Veteran = Administrator-Selected Member Recognized for early and/or significant contribution at the original PhalloBoards (Version 1.0).
PhalloBoards Moderator Alumnus = Retired Moderator Account.  Can still post but without Moderator powers.
PhalloBoards Legend = Retired Senior Moderator or Administrator Account with a minimum of 1,000 Combined Posts.  Can still post but without Moderator powers.
❖ 700 Club  = 700 Combined Posts.
❖ 1,000 Club  = 1,000 Combined Posts.
❖ 2,000 Club  = 2,000 Combined Posts.
❖ X,XXX Club  = Combined 2,500 Posts and above.  The "X,XXX" is replaced with any multiple of 500, starting from 2,500 and up (i.e. 3,000, 3,500, 4,000, etc).
Unique Titles:
There may occasionally be other unique titles specific to a member that wont necessarily be reflected on this list.
Members can carry more than 1 Title simultaneously and will be shown underneath their usernames when posting (as well as in their profile).  

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smalljay wrote:
I was just messing around in a user's profile and saw a category called 'Reputation'. It's rated as a numbered system. I was just wondering what affects reputation and/or how to raise it? I've never noticed it before.

Through computers there is a like feature [smile]
iRoN mArTiAn
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smalljay wrote:
iron_martian wrote:
Through computers there is a like feature [smile]

Thanks, where can this like feature be found? I'm looking around for it but cant find it lol. Is it a way to like individual posts, or a poster in general, or what?
iRoN mArTiAn
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