Hi Guys,

I wanted to document my Elist implant so far so users have more input before making thier minds.
CV. 33 years old married 3 kids from Denmark.
I chose to get the Implant despite all the bad stories in here, maybe because I am desperate or maybe because I see its the best logic thing on the market so far.
My stat falcid: 7 cm length 7 girth. Erict 15 cm length and 9cm girth.
I needed girth.

I went to LA november 24 and had my surgery date 27. and consultation 26th nov.
I had time to see LA with my friend who came with me because my wife had to stay home with the kids.
It was funn and I met Dr. Elist monday 26 nov and asked him all my questions and he answered me.
He did notice that I was very nervouse because of all the bad stories I have read and I sayed dont worry, we never had any problems with young guys in the past. Most of the guys who had problems was because they had mastbuated or had sex or maybe not lucky who got infections...

Anyway I told him only girth is needed and he sayed only that big implant can do the job. Its the one you see on the animated flash movie in his site. honestly i dont know the name and model number of it.

So Tuesday 27 nov I went to the clinique and I was nervouse, they toke me in and a stupid mexican guy came to undress me and take me to the surgery room.
The Surgery room was freezing cold and the anathstatia doc was there , he was a nice guy.
I remeber like 15 seconds in that room and the second thing I remember Ahhhhhh screaming of pain and har pissing sensation. I just woke up and had my implant dont.
It was painfull and I was screaming of pain so they huried to give me morphin and again and again until i got quite.
I wanted to pee but I couldnt, so the nexican guy told me Dr Elist put flued in my blader when his finish and I will remain having this feeling during day 1.
After several atempts to pee I did manage to pie, but the first days you can pie best by sit down and let you penis fall, its much easier than standing.
They didnt give me warm blancket so I was freezing, and when they gave me the warm blancket I kinda got quite and had less pain and i knew there is nothing to pee because i just did.
So this stupid mexican guy tell me that I really needed that penile enlargment because I had nothing, and he wondered how I can get 2 kids with nothing.... I guess the surgery room was so cold that my penis just went asylum inside the warm body lol.
Anyway I was in no mood to listen to that stupid guy and I told him to shut up and Where did this large penis come from if I had nothing ?... he kept talking and I simply said to him shut your mouth.

All was good to release and they released to and sent my to the hotel in a cab with my friend.
First day was painfull a bit, but it was more discomfort that painfull, but it was painful.
I started on my pain killers and was singing and telling joke when painkillers toke efect.
the skin was streched to max though and was also hurting.
day 2- I went to Dr Elist and everything was good.
During day 2 I started to hate that tube........ I counted minutes to get it removed it was ohhhh that tube was hell. I wanted to get stool softner because i couldnt go and was afraid it gets hard and I had no power to push, its also dangerouse to push so we went to the drug store downstairs 8500 , while standing a young mexican guy aproached me and asked if I were Dr Elist patient ?. in my discomfort I told him yes so I said Dr Elist is that man. I asked how, he said that he had the implant for 4 years now and he loved it, that guy gave me alot of tipe of how to deal with the implant, but he was there to get the new implant that I have because it dont have edges and its more natural looking and feeling as he said. He also gave me a funny advice to tell girls that I have a penile implant and they wouldnt believe so let them feel it he adviced, after feeling it they will be so curiouse to try it lol.
Anyway I went back to the hotel to relax and during day 1 and 2 I used olive oil every time i went to the wc.

day 3, we were siting waiting and another white young guy was there, he saw my tube and told me that he can feel my discomfort because of that tube. I asked how his experience was , he said that he is there for a check up and he had the implant for 3 years and he is very happy with it, but it toke him 3-4 month to heal which scared me a bit.
So I went in and removed that tube.... that was very painfull to because my skin was to tight.
They gave me 3 antiobiotics salve ofcourse my the other antiobiotics that I already started on before the surgery and 2 weeks after.
Same day 4 hours later I had a flight to london and from there to copenhagen Denmark, it was a total 14 hours flight. it was hard and I didnt have loose pants so i wared jeans.. Very bad idea, I advice you guys to take jogging pants and sport showes with you. I didnt.

Day 4 back home in my discomfort and i couldnt move, erictions was still very painfull also
Dayly the pain decreasing but I was about to go crazy of sleeping on my bag.
I didnt get much sleep anyway because with every eriction the sleep go.

day 6 I chose to start on human growth hormon hgh to heal faster. I know this from past enjery
and the swelling was big from day 3, and I realized that I really need to rest as I was adviced to but I needed something else to heal fast and that was hgh the wonder drug.
beside its increased my muscle and decrease my fat lol not bad.

I had my fights with the swelling but I was resting for until day 14 at home any lying on the sofa watching TV. pain and swelling was decreasing dayly.
By the way I didnt wrap at all as they said its old technique they dont wrap anymore.

I went to the skin doctor and he gave me another cream to use, Locobase repair or decupan intesive cream, funny thing this doc was more interested in where i got it done then my skin problems.
He said with time the skin will strech.
With the new cream I stopped olive oil and got much much better skin. its less dry and moist all day.

Day 20, I was healed I think, I can move run use jeans have erictions with no pain all is good.
I have very tight skin but I keep it moist and its helping and skin problems decrease dayly.
I think my hgh helped me alot to get healed so quickly.

Ohh I have regained my skin feeling at the buttom and to the sides, I 2 weeks maybe to regain my total skin feeling if I get it, because the mexican guy I met at the drugstore he said that he lost some skin sensation at the top but its minimal.
I will update this later on when there is something to update.
But I tell you guys I am so horney and my wife is also lookign forward to test new fat bastered of mine.
lol I havent messured it yet its only because it keeps getting thicker dayly when skin strech.
I have lost peline skin length... meaning when erict I have 75% of the penis coverd with the old penis skin and the rest is skin from the pubic area. Dr elist sayed that it can take 3-6 month to solve the skin problems and skin was the most important thing to take care of.
They even stopped my excersize to loosen up the implant from the insertion rea because I have very tight skin, but thank god no rifts in the skin.

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sorry for all the number erros 2-3-4 its dark and i wrote and pasted the post without reading it.
its very late here 4 pm.
also sorry for the spell errors, reminding that my mother tongue is not english.
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Big John
brother I wish you the very best of luck.  So many horror stories about the implant.  I hope it works out well for you.  You will love being huge and so will your wife.  I have no experience with it but there are a lot of guys that do and I would recommend that you talk/text with them so you can avoid any of their setbacks, problems, etc...  It would be awesome if you would post pics and maintain your thread so that others learn from your experience.  Again, best of luck and Merry Christmas.
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I had the implant. If you have any questions , please post them. If you wish a more confidential approach, just PM me.
Best of luck, Messageman
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Thanks Big John, I will maintain my thread. No picture yet, let me wait few months until the skin is streched totally so we know its the remaining size.

Messageman, I did read some of your posts and I can see you had infection 5 months after.
There is not much I can do about infections beside taking care of the skin so no rifts happend and hope for the best.
How long did you wait to get skin sensation back ?
How long did it take for the skin to strech out fully ?
Did you ever get your full penile length covered by penile skin when it was streched ?
How did you loosen up the implant from the insertion area and how long time did it take ?
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It is highly beneficial to take pictures of your case from day one to monitor the progress. You will go thru so many changes and it will help you document what is going on...

IF you are going to post pictures a few months from now, our readers will not be able to make a good assessment of the whole process..

Good luck!
Live Long and F*** Long 😉

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The elist Silicone Implant is a failure by design, a disaster by Surgeon and a Let Down by the Medical board!, in my Unmedical, Unprofessional Opinion 😉
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@thedane can you tell my which Hgh supplement are you using?
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Mustang, I am gonna share the feeling lol no pics. I feel its a private area that i dont want to share that much.

new1inch: there are 2 human grade hgh one from novonordisk in denmark and i think the other is from pfeizer not sure.
Then you have several underground labs that either copy it in poland india china but its all good and working original or copy.
I use novonordisk simplex i take 3 ui a day and that might have stucked the implant extra as the dr said
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update: day 27 post surg.
Dr Elist support Dr that I email with said I have to losen up the implant before thinking of having sex and my hgh might have given it extra scartissue during the fast healing.
I tried jelqing from buttom and top and it moves forward a bit and it dosnt hurt me at all when I jelq it softly.
The support Dr said also that sex would be painfull at this time when the implant is stuck and dangerouse for the implant which i dont understand how I can hurt the implant.
I dont think its stuck I think the skin is so tight that it apears stuck otherwise it would hurt and not move when I jelq it.
Yesterday I just couldnt wait having sex watching my wife walking around in spandex was a torture for me so I conviced her to have very soft sex.
I went to the gas station asking for condoms and when the girl behind the disk asked which size I replied proud : the biggest you have lol.
The condoms xxl king size were to small and wearing a condom was painful. we did have sec for like 25 seconds before I came lol and when I came my skin felt like exploding.
All good no problems, the skin swelled a bit because of the strech it was under during eriction and orgazime. I gave it locobase repair cream 1 hour later it was normal again.

Day 28. I had sex 1 time with condom and I cut the remaining plastic of the condom so it dosnt hurt. Same resault i felt very much strech during orgazime.
second time sex with no condom it was better but I have only skin sensation at the buttom.
Beside the skin problems no problems after the soft sex we had. It just feels very diffrend and my wife says its like having a plastic dildo inside her beside the girth that she did enjoy.
It look diffrend filling that hole to maksimum and she was screaming of joy even though it was soft sex but it did strech her.
I have to wait these 3 months and see if I get skin sensation back, and as the dr said I will have skin problems because I had very very tight skin. And I will also see ifI can handle it or be happy with having almost fully erict penis all the time.
to early to say but I kinda regret why I didnt have the Pmma, maybe because I didnt want to go back and forward refilling. let us wait and see, but my skin is killing me and its not really streching. strange though because hgh should help building skin, I remember the doc gave it to fellow soldiers when they had burnes and it help building new skin very fast. Maybe its diffrent with streching and building new nurves.
One thing I did notice, when shopping or working women really look at our pants to evaluate the penis size, and when it appears big dong straped like a third leg they start looking again and even have diffrend bodylanguage.... so much for size dosnt matter theori. lol

beside penile issue my hgh is doing wonders to my body lol. in 3 weeks I gained muscle i lost fat and my body is taking shape from homer simpson shape to a tarazan shape. Ohhh my god this is good.
only 3 weeks like this imagin 3 months, wow I might even have sixpack again without doing a thing. The only thing i lift is food and my little daughter lol.
I know in other states hgh is very expensive but here in Denmark we pay from 3-4 usd for each unit hgh.
original hgh from novo is usually robed when transported by hells angels and bandidos and sold in the black market and we have many copy brands alpha pharma from india and some copied novo simplex from russia or polen.
one thing for sure , this is magic. lets just hope i dont have any cancer cell because the only sideeffect hgh have is it increase cancer cells too. i take 3ui a day, its alot but I wanted to heal fast.

ok guys until next time.
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ok guys here is this weeks update.

To help skin strech faster I allways shift to a porn side have an eriction and then off again, that I did every night.
One night I couldnt hold my self and masterbuated very very gentle and when I came I felt like exploding.
Did the same thing 2 days later , having eriction for a longer periode and its really hurting because of the massive strech, but orgazimes became much much less painfull. swelling is not apearing as well.
The pain during orgazime because there is simply no room in the skin to allow the semen tocome out, but excersize and hgh is helping alot.

Today 5,5 weeks post surg I decided that I am comfortable to have sex because its really ok. We had our first real sex with thiss and let me say this: OHHH my GOD
size dos matter alot..... its was very joyfull for me, and the wife was screaming of joy, I didnt have to go through all the truble I go through to make her come. I just did my thing and she kept coming.
She loved it, but says its to big, lol she dont know it will keep growing when skin strech more.
The support doc said that I should wear condoms the first 2 weeks of sex, but xxl condoms are no good to tight and I through it away.
washed after sex and no swelling no pain just a strange feeling at the corner where the implant is stuck, might be broken scartissue dont know, but no pain.
Looking at the wife she didnt walk propper after sex looooooooooooool You guys have no idea how releafing it is.
she said it was 2 big, but 2 hours later she wanted it again, but I said no lets not put my new monster under more pressure than it can handle and the skin was irritating me abit.
length is coming back very slowly, for me its a skin problem.

Sorry about the unlucky guys who had bad experience and might have been test objects, but today Dr. Elist is a hero in my eyes.
I have never even dreamed to feel so secure and just try this... streching a pussy wide open and feel it , its a new world for me that was beyond my dreams.
Let us see if what the future brings. the only thing that can ruin this now is infections. cross fingers I started to love it and want to keep it.

Alright, until next update
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Big John
It is a liberating experience and I'm happy for you and your wife.  Just be careful - I only say that based on all of the reported problems with that implant.  And keep us updated on your healing. 
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TheDane wrote:
Thanks Big John, I will maintain my thread. No picture yet, let me wait few months until the skin is streched totally so we know its the remaining size.

Messageman, I did read some of your posts and I can see you had infection 5 months after.
There is not much I can do about infections beside taking care of the skin so no rifts happend and hope for the best.
How long did you wait to get skin sensation back ?
How long did it take for the skin to strech out fully ?
Did you ever get your full penile length covered by penile skin when it was streched ?
How did you loosen up the implant from the insertion area and how long time did it take ?

Good to hear things are going well for you.
In answer to your questions
I have never gotten the sensation back to my shaft....The doctor promised the sensation would come back within a month.
I massaged olive oil on my skin to help make my penis more flexible and to stretch it.
My penis retracted over an inch when I had the implant in. By the 5th month work (just before the infection), my penis started to gain back it's lost length.
Baby your penis it as much as possible for the first few months. Keep anti biotics on hand in case an infection occurs, so you can take them immediately.
I wish you the best of luck!
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Good luck with the rest of your recovery.

Will you post before and after photos?
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Hi there Dane, don't know how far back you read threads but I had the implant for 2.5 years and didn't really have any major problems, so there are some succeses. It just wasn't something I wanted in forever and my wife didn't,t really seem to care since I wasn't real thin to begin with. If I was younger and single or had a partner that really liked it I probably would have left it in, also the main reason I got it was to stretch out the skin to get a faux foreskin , which is something I always wanted. Which has me wondering, aren't most guys from Europe uncut? Man I wish I was! You must not be uncut if you have really tight skin, I did tugging for many years before the implant but never got any coverage, because I was cut so damn tight , but Elist said that the implant would stretch it out so I would essentially look uncut after it was removed , well it didn't work! So after all that time a d money nothing! ..... anyway I hope things work out for you, your skin will stretch some and will get pulled down from your supra pubic area, I had a lot of skin pull down on to the shaft and then had about six electrolysis sessions to remove that hair......... actually I just remembered something......if yours was stitched in, as I think he does routinely, ..... maybe it won't. I would be interested in finding out. I'm not sure why my excess skin that was stretched out doesn't stay forward over my glans, it just seems that it stretched outward but not forward, and I can't even make it stay forward a little bit like I could after tugging before I had the implant, it must have scarred enough under the skin to prevent it. I'm very upset by the whole thing. Well Dane I'm betting that if your wife enjoys the added girth and you get to the point where it doesn't hurt anymore, which it did for me, you could be very happy with the implant, maybe Elist is getting better results with the newer material. I wish you all the best my Danish friend, I'm of Danish ancestry myself, please feel free to ask or even PM any time. marknmau.
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@centurion and hoddle  thanks alot for the good wishes. And I am really not happy of posting pictures for my new king....I guess kept the shy thing from the past days and I feel its a private issue for me.

@messageman yes I am nervouse to get infections and I am babysiting my new monster with several oils and washing with hibiclens after every sex.

@ marknmau thanks alot bro, unfortinatly I had my forskin removed about 8 years ago because of phimosis, and I feel you, penishead feeling was better then, otherwise its cleaner without forskin.
My skin problems are base and midshaft so thight, it is getting better but still very tight, I think I need several months for the skin to strech.
I feel you guys when you say its anoying having a hard dildo all the time, but it brings attention lol. My wife have this laser electrolysis small gun she buyed for 400 usd and I have to use it as well because the hair is really bothering her which i totally understand not funny having a quarter penis covered with hair.

My fast recovery is because 2 factors, I was leing on the couch watching tv for 2 weeks, and the wonder drug hgh. I just ordered more, beside the fast healing , its burning my carlsberg belly off and my body is taking shape. I have more energy , feel good and I swear to god I look abit younger, my skin got so clear.
we had sex again yesterday it was good and very streching for my wife and me lol.... this skin prob is very anoying, and I havnt got sensation back on about 60% of the penis. Dr elist said it will take few weeks but he also warned me to stop smoking and started smoking again 2 weeks after so that might delay my skin recovery. sensation did got better as I remember i had no sensation on about 80-90% and its climing. No wonder I dont give the nerves a changce to connect with all this streching. Having a condom on is nearly impossible, its goes only halfway and no matter what condom size I buy its very tight. The doc said I had to use condom first 2 weeks to avoid complications, I end up removing it during the act.

Dr. Elist support dr said that they are thinking of offering hgh to all patients because it had very good resaults on my healing.
Going to the dermatologist wednesday to have a look on the skin condition. it dont look good specially on the top its dry with no sensation...
Its saturday night and I am going up to make that woman howl like its the end of the world.... man I am hurting that woman with this girth  and it looks fantastic to fill her to maximum.

Thanks again guys, will keep u updated
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