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So about 5 months out from last touch-up, and all seems well. It's been 2 years and 11 months since I had my 1st round. I'm very happy with my current size. Oddly enough, I gained .25" from my last touch-up round, which is the same I gained from my FULL 2nd round. 
At this point, I have a few imperfections that I can totally live with. I've never had anyone ask me or point out those areas, so I think it's more in my head than anywhere else. So, here is, I hope, my final before and after....
Edit: I thought I should include final stats.
Start: June 2016
FL: 3.5-4"
FG: 3.5-4"
EL: 6"
EG: 4.3" at base to 4.5" near glans
After 3 years, 3 full rounds and a touch-up:
May 2019:
FL: 4-4.5"
FG: 5-5.25"
EL: 6"
EG: 5.75 to almost 6" (6.25" @ base, tapering up to 5.75 to 5 7/8" behind glans, depending on EQ)
*Updated pic 6/16/19 with good EQ right around 6"
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