Hey guys,

Headed to Avanti Derma this week for first session of PMMA. I opted for the prp shot as well.
I have an appointment with Dr. C and expect him to conduct the procedure. During consult I will be asking for size over esthetics at about a 70:30 importance ratio. I expect to go for a couple rounds as I would like to finish at about 6.25-6.5 EG. 
I am currently symmetrical like a cylinder but wouldn't mind being more front heavy which will be my ask. We'll see how it goes. I read before and after pics and video were needed so I'll do what I can.
I've ordered some collagen peptides powder, glucosamine/chondrointin vitamins, and will be drinking greens with protein powder, d3 supplements, and vitamin B complex.

Current stats prior to procedure are as follows:
BPEL: 7.25
MSEG: 5.0

Wish me luck!
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Congratulations, you’ve saved yourself from Hell, sorry I didn’t reply to your message I’ve been really busy, Alloderm products just don’t work, good luck with your PMMA.
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Thanks Reklaw. I took your advice and opted for the closer and safer option. Hopefully it all goes well! I'll post before and after pics when possible.
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Looking forward! Thanks man
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Keep us posted and pics pls. 

MSFG:  4.75"
BPEL: 7.25"
MSEG: 5.5"

PMMA 11/22/18 (round one)

NBPFL: 5.75"
MSFG: 5.5-5.75"
BPEL:  7.25"
MSEG: 6.3-6.5”
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So it's been almost three full weeks. Dr. C and company are really great. I got 14 cc's of 10% and 8 cc's of 30%. I my skin is a bit looser cause of my circ which could have been done better but I'll live with it for now.
I happened to swell and bleed a bit but it turned out well in the end. Yeah there are some spots that are a little hard here and there but they did their best to make sure everything turned out well.
Also this is just my first session so I'm hoping after round two and a touch up everything will look great. I went from 4.9" MSG to 5.5". Which the girl loves so we're happy for now. Looking forward to round 2!!!  You can see the posted before measurements and swelling 2 days after. I'll add another healed recent photo with measuring tape when I get a moment.

One thing to note for new Dr. C patients.. HAVE A STRETCHER READY WHEN YOU GO!
Their new stretcher they give you didn't work for me at all and I'm still waiting on my stretcher to arrive in the mail. It's an integral piece of the process so buy one before you go get it done.

I recommend Dr. C to anyone who is thinking about getting this done. I had no averse reactions or issues so far. Maybe a swollen node at the base but that could just be pmma. Will have to discuss with Dr C next round.
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Jason Ryley
Congratulations Steezy! Did you tell your girl you were getting this done? Or does she wonder why your dick is  filling her up like a sex you.
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Jason Ryley
So sorry, meant to say sex toy
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Actually she went with me.

So I gained almost 3/4 of an inch in MSEG so far. I've been really good about taking my collagen peptides and just started pumping and stretching. 

Headed back for round two mid June.
639BBE9B-6D4A-41EE-ACC7-A04765AD4E26.jpeg  3565338E-7AC9-4313-A90C-A1A9256C4441.jpeg 
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It looks really good.  Appears to be a smooth, uniform and natural looking result.  Congrats.
A clear conscience is the sign of a bad memory.
CURRENT: EL 8"  EG 7" midshaft  FL 7-7.5"  FG 6.25-6.5"
GOALS: EL 9"  EG 7"  FL 8"+  FG 6.5"
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Looks great do you have any before pics?
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Looks great. Personally, if I came out that perfect and had no issues, and was at 5.75" eg (top 2.5 percent of guys) I don't think I'd be heading back for another round ... but good luck. 
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Great outcome 
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awesome result man, how is sex with PMMA, do you have any issues while erect with sensitivity or pmma bunching when you try to penetrate  or any issues during long fuck sessions?

You mentioned you could do a video, if you can in erect state where you try to push your finger where the pmma so we can see how rigid it is and if its natural, because from pics that cant be seen, and no one on the forum made video so i think it will be very helpful for us who havent done pmma yet.
Thank you

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think wrote:
Looks great. Personally, if I came out that perfect and had no issues, and was at 5.75" eg (top 2.5 percent of guys) I don't think I'd be heading back for another round ... but good luck. 

Thanks Think. My girl likes it extra thick even though she’s a little thing. Lol. So I think after another session and a touch up I’ll be perfect. Hoping to get to between 6.25 - 6.5 but we’ll see.
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