Hello!    I just registered, but I've been searching and reading on this forum (original and 2.0) for a few months.  I'll write a little self-intro below, but first, I'll get to the questions:

-Who here has actually had their suspensory ligament cut?
-Did your surgeon give you a post-op stretching/weight regiment?
-Did you have any erect gains? (If so, how much did you gain?)
-Did you have any retraction, infection, nerve damage, or other problems?
-Are you glad you had the procedure, or do you regret it?

Thank you!

Hi, I'm DickHead.  Don't let my username fool you, I take the subject-matter of this forum very seriously.  When it comes to my insecurities, I've learned to live by the adage "If you don't laugh, you'll cry."  However, I will never joke about anyone on this forum, except for myself.

Here's my story... 
I've been considering penis enlargement surgery since High School (I'm 25 now).  Over the years, I've done tons of online research, I've spoken to my general practitioner, and I just made an appointment to see a urologist next month to discuss the possibility of surgery.

A few years back, I bought one of those penis extenders with adjustable metal rods on the sides.  I wore it as much as possible, but I didn't have enough alone-time to wear it of often as I wanted.  And I couldn't wear it under my clothes, because I had some issues with it coming off, and I also wanted to keep a close eye on my blood circulation.  (I once left it on too long and my glans was numb, discolored, and very cold - I was fine, but it scared me so bad that I stopped using the stretched for a long time.  I recently started using it again, and I'm looking into replacing it with a newer ADS style stretcher.)  I never had any erect gains from stretching, but that is probably my fault for not being super committed.

I realize that my obsession with penis size is unhealthy, so I spoke to my therapist about it a few times.  Also, I'm lucky enough to have male friends, and a father, that I'm comfortable discussing this with.  Unfortunately, I don't think it is something I'll get over.

There have been some events in my life which really shaped and reinforced my penis-size fears.  When I was about 6 years old, I went fishing with my father.  We were pissing in the woods (typical father/son bonding) and I clearly remember him having a very large flaccid penis.  As I got older, I came to hear that all the guys on my father's side of the family are hung like horses.  I must have gotten my penis size from my mother's side of the family (which is where I got my small stature).

Of course, there were plenty of comments/jokes from random girls and the media which I heard, but none directed at me.  But when I started dating my first girlfriend in high school, I was very nervous about my size.  We were both virgins.  We were very open with each other, and when I asked her about it, she admit to being very turned on by big dicks and disappointed by mine.  However, she really loved me and it wasn't a major issue.

We dated for 3.5 years, then at some point in college we took a "break" - huge mistake!  She ended up sleeping with some freak of nature and she loved it.  (long story, but I ended up seeing a sex video they made... this guy was about 9" long and thicker than Shane Diesel - probably 8" around.)  After the break, she kept seeing him on the side.  Eventually, she left me for him - every man's nightmare.  To be fair, I don't think that's the only reason she didn't want to get back together with me.  Our relationship was screwed up anyway, which is why we took the break - so it's not like everything was fine before that.  But it still scared me for life! 

Let me stress that we broke up 5 years ago and it's completely in the past.  I wanted surgery long before that happened.  I want a larger penis for me, not her.

Okay, sorry if I'm rambling.  I'm 25 years old, white, healthy, straight, single.  My erect length is pretty average - 5.5", non bone-pressed, and I am thankful for that (especially considering that I'm very short in stature). 
My erect girth is really more of a concern.  The middle and base are barely 4" around.  I've had lots of issues with condoms coming off during sex.  I bought smaller sized condoms (Beyond Eleven, Iron Grip, Komono, etc...) and even they aren't tight.

I researched dermal grafts, but I wasn't sold.  It was here, on this forum, that I heard about Dr. C and PMMA.  I'm very interested in PMMA.  I'd been thinking of lengthening surgery too, which I'd want to get done before PMMA.  But it sounds like some people don't get erect gains from the ligament surgery.  No one sees my flaccid penis, so flaccid gains aren't worth it to me.  But if I could get .5"-1.0" in erect length, I'd be happy.

I live in Pennsylvania, about 40 minutes from the well-known Dr. Mark Solomon.  I may schedule a consultation with him (about lengthening) in the future.  Of course, I want to continue to try stretching for length before even considering surgery.  Regardless of whether or not I have lengthening surgery, I remain very interested in PMMA for girth.  And, most importantly, I have realistic expectations.

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I had the lig cut. The immediate gains are in your FL. I eventually gained 1" erect but that is from hanging.
I was told to get the Grip and use it everyday. But that is about all of a program I was given. You kind of need to work it out on your own in terms of hours a day you can do it and weight to use. There are also many other hangers / stretchers out there.
I think I gained .25" erect just from the surgery alone. The other .75" came over time with stretching - over a year.
I am happy I had it to answer your other question. It seems like one of the safer PE surgeries out there - at least compared to what can go wrong. 
You really need to be super committed with hanging/stretching to get anywhere. My gains also came in fits and starts - and don't even expect anything in a month (or two). If you do it for a month and see no gains that means nothing. Just keep going. 
The biggest most noticeable gains are in your flaccid length, btw. I didn't have any nerve damage either, only complication was that I had hair on the shaft of my penis that went up kind of far so I had it taken off with a laser. 
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Thanks, Hunkydory.  I'm glad you're pleased with the results.

Anyone else?
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I was given a post op manual stretching regime. I also wore a Andro extender for 6 months some years later.

No erect gains.

Bad scarring and hair on shaft.

I badly regretted it for 15 years. I had several scar revisions and have recently had a hair transplant to hide the scar. I'm also had 4 sessions of laser hair removal to get rid of the hair on the shaft. For the first time in 15 years it's actually now starting to look pretty normal and I have to admit I do like the extra flaccid length I got from the surgery. I wouldn't recommend it for those who are after erect gains, as they don't appear to come any quicker than for those who use weights/stretchers, but haven't had the ligs cut. However, if you want a better flaccid hang it's not bad, as long as you avoid Y/V incision. 

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When do you realize and start seeing flaccid gains?
The day after the surgery? A week? After healing? Or after stretching?

Looking forward to your responses hoddle and HD
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Hi DickHead,
Just to let y ou know I have been manually stretching my suspensory ligament almost every day for the past 20 years. I was 18 when I started and had a flaccid penis length of between 7" and 8". From seeing other guys I realised that this was bigger than most, however I became obsessed with wanting a much larger penis so ever since I have been pumping, stretching and jelqing. My penis is now almost 10" flaccid and when I go to the sauna I get many admiring looks and comments. Unfortunately my erect size is not much larger except in girth which is 8" when fully hard.
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purple donkey
nice stats. mind posting picture of it?
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pics or it didn't happen...
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Fist post and claiming 10x8".. I call bs ;p but please prove me wrong [wink]
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I assure my stats are correct and my wife agrees. Why is it that when someone states they have large stats there is always someone who doesn;t believe.
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purple donkey
happynow wrote:
I assure my stats are correct and my wife agrees. Why is it that when someone states they have large stats there is always someone who doesn;t believe.

well surely with such a size, you have no insecurities about actually posting a proof picture?
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Skeptical One
As I've stated in a separate thread, I don't even care if his 10x8 is real. He just goes around boasting on random threads about how amazing his big dick is, but no pics, no insight, no nothing. So yea, he's gone for being a troll. We're a community of men, not juveniles. Please resume topic, thanks.

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You beat me to it, Skipper. Sayonara and good riddance.
Never gonna retire from PE! What? You gotta problem with dat?

Progress Report
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Hey guys, please allow me to chime in here.  I am going to plug my product, which is the reason I signed up, but I also have some information to offer as well.  About 4 years ago I began stretching with a brand called The Grip System, and I made a lot of good gains, especially when I combined it with pumping.  But The Grip System had some serious problems... their air chamber was poorly designed.  The tip of it was pointed... i.e. got narrower past the opening the penis is inserted through, which put a ton of stress on the very tip of the dick.  It mostly caused water blistering, but a couple of times I got small blood blisters as well.  When this happened, I obviously laid off using it for a week or two until I recovered.  Then I was back to stretching regularly with it, but once again I got too zealous and kept it on too long (like 40 minutes) and sure enough the blistering again.  I got tired of this persistent problem, and rarely used the device.  I shrunk back a little bit (maybe 25% of what I had gained). 

I decided to design & patent my own traction device that fixed their design problem.  It took me a few years to perfect it after a ton of R&D and prototyping.  Essentially my goal was to create a unit that got wider just past the opening, so that when the air is vacuumed out of the chamber, the compressed penis (a thick condom-like sleeve is rolled on first which compresses the penis) would expand wider than the opening it came through.

To explain why this is important...  imagine pointing all your fingers in your hand as close together as you can get them, to squeeze them through a small round opening in a wall, and then once your hand is through the wall, you make a fist...  You wouldn't be able to pull your hand back out, because the fist is now wider than your pointed fingers/hand.  We call this the "Head-Lock™" technology.  The way I designed it spreads out the pressure over the whole dick head, not just the tip.  Because the pressure is spread out, it can be used very comfortably for a long time without blistering.

I nailed the invention, created the production molds for it, did a small 50 unit production test run to test with, which yielded legitimate gain-results, and am now just getting ready for my first full blown production run to market the product with. I patented the device in 2014, to protect my invention, and now I just launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise the capital I need to complete the production run with. 

As for the results, which is what you'll be curious about...  In total, including the time I spent using the ill-designed device, I grew a total of two inches.  I was 6" and got to 8" in about 2 ½ years.  Keep in mind, one year of that was the downtime when I wasn't using the grip system and was developing my invention.  So I would say it took me 1 ½ to 1 ¾ years to actually grow 2".  Also, as for the 50 units we produced, 9 of them were used for various tolerance testing, and the other 41 were used for male testing.  26 of the 41 used it regularly, and within the first four to five weeks they all reported approximately ¼" growth.  Over the course of the next year and a half, their growth ranged from 1 ¼" to 2", mostly depending on how religious they were at using it daily or twice daily.  I believe if they had all used it at least once a day, they'd all have gotten to 2".

I am sharing this with you for two reasons.  #1) Yes, I want to sell my unit.  But #2) I want to give you guys genuine hope that you can grow your dick.  I put a ton of medical proof at the bottom of my Indiegogo campaign regarding skin, muscle, and ligament stretching, which proves from a medical point of view that it can be done.  It just requires consistent daily traction, which can only be accomplished if your dick isn't blistered, sore and bruised.  When you get to Indiegogo search for MEGATOOL™.

I am hoping the moderator here doesn't take out the name.  I didn't read the rules of this board, so please consider keeping the name in so that everyone can benefit.  My screen name is the same as the product name, so at the worst case do a search for my screen name on Indiegogo.

If any of you have suggestions on how to market my product, or want to partner with me, please let me know.  I am ready to rock this thing and give every guy a fighting chance at having a decent size pecker.

You can also find MEGATOOL™ on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. 


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Herbert West


And of course you don't have before/after pics of your dick

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