Hello. I tried Jelqing when I younger 7 years ago. It ended up causing nerve damage, I lost feeling and sensitivity  I think it damaged the dorsal nerve. I still have 75% or so of the feeling left. Also it damaged the suspensory ligament, hangs very loose and is sometimes painful. I have difficulty getting and keeping erections sometimes. I have basically given up on having a relationship with anyone. The times then it doesn't work (quite often) are too humiliating. 

I have interest in the Priapus shot.

1. Because it is supposed to "heal" damage whether it be nerve or otherwise. 

2. Because it is purported to increase size (I'm 5 1/4 in length and 4 girth)  

I would really like to speak to anyone who has had this procedure done. I'd like to hear about short and long term results. 

Hopefully there are people that have only done one PE method at a time instead of 3 or 4 at once so they can properly determine results and what works and what doesn't..  and have kept track of the results in the long term... 
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Contra - Hopefully you have read through the other threads already. The things I stated long ago still hold true today.

1 - Maybe, some people have been helped, some it does nothing for. I have no idea why.

2 - Size increase? Not really, at least in my case. The gain I reported in my glans is still there. It wasn't much, but it hasn't gone away to date either.

I ended up having PMMA done as many others have. I would still consider going back to further enhance the glans if the cost was less some day in the future.

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