I came across this website http://www.nvpsaz.com/male/phalloplasty-surgical-penis-enlargement-2/ and I see they also use stem cell procedure on some patients. lately I been hearing a lot about stem cell being the next bg thing for phalloplasty. has anyone heard of this practice? any reviews on them? I search some of the doctors on there and they seem to have good backgrounds. well if anyone knows them or heard of them reply back.
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No new info on this, I see. [frown]
Goal = Large Glans
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Hi. Emailed them last week. Never heard back. so I called asked about Phalloplasty and dermal fillers. ..got the impression they don't do the procedure. Said they would have to get back to me. Never heard anything ..been 3 days and still waiting Emailed again.. Called Dr Heller in New York on Friday and he called back Friday night and went over procedure . Have appt with Captiotti in November....Little confused over hyaluronic acid injection into glans. Dr Heller said done just at Lower part by shaft. Arizona Phalloplasty says all over glans? Trying to get as much info as possible before having it done. Talk to Dr Maercks later in Nov. See Capriotti on 9th. Want to compare prices and procedures and fillers used. Also want to know what filler (and cost) is best for added girth . And if length should be done 1st
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