So after reading alot of not so positive posts about PMMA and other available procedures, ive really want to get an Neo Phallus plus Silicon Testicles, i want an penectomy and castration because i dont accept my genitals as my body anymore, my ED is getting worser and worser which now has resulted in an atrophy, i was diagnosed with klinefelter and couldnt believe it that the doctors (endocrinologist) still dont care, i dont got hormones prescribed, they diagnosed it and then they had let me go again home without any real help, the only thing they told me were already known facts about the klinefelter syndrom. So it was completely senseless and useless to visit an "expert" doctor. Germany is getting extremly feminised through media and politc propaganda about male Attributes, so if doctors hear the word testosterone they instantly associate it with rapists and roids. If i would get an castration they would be forced to give me male hormones and with an penectomy i could get penis size ive ever want. The only question is which doctor does perform that?

And for these people here who will now try to discourage me, PLEASE dont even try!

Im a grown male and i can do whatever i want with my body!
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You do understand that neophallus is for FTM reassignment surgery, right?  This is only then performed after thorough discussions with a mental health specialist.  
I think you would be extremely hard pressed to find a licensed doctor in the US or Europe that would perform castration and penectomy because you want to attempt to construct a larger penis.

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Good luck with all that. You have long road ahead, is my guess....
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You have explored every method to help ED?   PT-141??  Trimix???  shockwave therapy?     Please try all 3 first.  How much Viagra and Cialis are you on?
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The above are really good suggestions. You could also try a cock ring in combination with viagra and cialis. It works for me.
You also really need to speak to someone about this. That's coming from someone who is more unstable and irrational than most in this forum of mental illness.
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We are all fucked in the brain Nags. We injected acrylic glass into our cocks because we have such self image/esteem issues. 
But you are a good person so that's all that matters.  You're going to overcome it all and eventually find a nice gal and be happy.  That's my bet. 
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Ignorant as fuck, these 3 words are completely enough to descripe how Urologist and Endocrinologist in germany operate.
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Dude, have you looked into what the Chinese or Japanese markets offer?

I know the Chinese doctors do stuff the american & euro doctors would never even try.
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Herbert West

JazzyJ wrote:
Dude, have you looked into what the Chinese or Japanese markets offer? I know the Chinese doctors do stuff the american & euro doctors would never even try.

What for example? Any kind of very dangerous options for PE?

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Dude 123, you should contact Mikhail Sokolshchik, a Russian surgeon that performed a surgery in 2004 on a Russian patient, close to what you want. If you could contact him, maybe you will find a solution. Another doctor that performed similar surgery was in England, also back in early 2000's.
The surgery invloves the risk of ending with no penis at all, but from your description and mental disposition, i think you will risk that. Good luck to you!
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