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umm I do not cum with any pussy. Its difficult to get
NPEL: 7.25"
EG : Reached Goal"
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Firsts round PMMA February 20th 2013 

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Had the same problem, solved it :
- no porn anymore (well, maybe once a month)
- squeeze your member really hard when its erect just before sex (just some simple jelqs, this makes the erection a lot harder and better lasting)
- breath deeply, inhale as much oxygen as possible

no more difficulty getting off, even with the widest pussy ever
5 minutes max, then restrain yourself, try again for 5 minutes and so on, try to last half an hour and then shoot like a devil :-))
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Jonyoung wrote:
To the OP message man how did you gain 2 and a half inches of girth on your dick

As hulk has already mentioned, much of the info you are looking for is in my "Messageman's Journey" thread. But in a nutshell, it took many years and tears...Dermal grafts, scar tissue (from implant), and two sessions of PMMA...And lots of luck....
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ovw wrote:

So my conclusion is : you can get as big as you want, all sex becomes boring after a while.
People need change in their lives, also in sex.

My personal experience is that good sex depends as much on the size of the girls' pussy then on the size of the guy's dick.
A big pussy demands a big dick, and vice versa.
Some girls are just too big for a normal dick, and a girl with good pussy-muscles can please herself and almost any guy.
Maybe it's time for the girls to start putting pmma in their pussy's, it's them that can't come easily, not us guys !
Why do we have to go through all this, it's the women's fault not ours ! We come with any pussy.
And if you have a girl who can easily come : they exist, even in large numbers, be happy about it, but don't forget: you'll get bored of it too, if she doesn't before you. 

Most of what you say here is valid. The problem is that in the USA, A lot of men have lost their balls to their women who now have balls and can demand anything they want, and they get it! (again, no insult intended to any of the readers here)
Live Long and F*** Long 😉

elist FAILED Silicone implant and My report here:

The elist Silicone Implant is a failure by design, a disaster by Surgeon and a Let Down by the Medical board!, in my Unmedical, Unprofessional Opinion 😉
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I think a lot of people on this other board have the same issue:

I can understand the obsession w/ size especially bc I had a good friend who was anorexic in HS (and another in college) - and having Peyronie's totally f'd with my head for many years (I lost a lot of size and am under 4.5 EG now) - but if someone is over 5.5 EG...realistically there's no reason to obsess over it - but "reason" isn't really the issue here. About the above link, I actually hate the sebaceous glands too - but some of the posters on that board are much more ocd about it.  I couldn't imagine what would happen to them if they got Peyronie's & developed a size problem.
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duplicate...meant to edit... I "quoted" myself.
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100% accurate description of what I am going through right now.
Disclaimer: what worked for me may not be suitable for another person. We all have different bodies, medical history, etc. What worked for me now could change in the future.
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I understand this concept. I am grappling with this as well. But I'm not convinced I have dysmorphia. I have a very large penis already and yet I can't stop trying to figure out how to make it bigger. Is that dysmorphia? I don't think I have a small penis. I don't think it's smaller than I know it is. In fact I look at it and am quite pleased. Sometimes I imagine having a smaller penis and even that pleases me. Yet when I imagine having a slightly larger or much larger penis that pleases me even more. Am I de facto dysmorphic? I'm not even depressed or anxious about my size now, I just want more... Any insights?
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Worrying about the size of my cock has consumed my life, and robbed me of innumerable sexual encounters, it has crippled me, to the point I can't enjoy anything, or can't be bothered trying, as I am not even a real Man with this pathetic thing between my legs, it has ruined my marriage, and it has ruined my life, and now I am too old to start over, I have attempted suicide once, and I think that just killing myself may be the only answer, as I like a waste of space, and that life is only for real men, not jokes like me.

It makes me laugh that PMMA could help me, but works best on circumcized people, yet I am uncircumcized, and it doesn't work well for severe retractors or growers, and I am a severe grower that can't stop his cock from turtling savagely all the time, ie, I have the worst cock possible even for PMMA. It's like life is just fcuking with me.

I'd give anything to know what it felt like to make love to a woman, and to be able to fill her completely, move her on a deep level, so that she was completely fulfilled and sated, and I know in my heart that I can't come even close, and that woman want men that can do that to them, men that can "inflict" pleasure on them

6.75 x 4, that's right, have a good laugh, I am laughing even harder at myself, it's no wonder my ex wife never wanted to sleep with me
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6.75 in length is not a bad size... all u need is some pmma and ull be ok. most people love to have what u have. 6.75 is a decent size.
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Dance With Dragons
Dude, I am .25" shorter than you (although working on that with manual PE) and I was 4.25" girth before pmma. I was called little dick by all my friends for years as a teenager and hated myself for such a long time. I was almost losing my mind, and I want you to know you're not alone and it's not as big a deal as you think it is. I promise.

You're right about thing though. If I was uncut, I would get circumcised before I got pmma. No question.
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Yeah, I asked Dr Wade, and he said, and I quote "Dr. Casavantes is recommending that you perform the circumcision before starting any PMMA treatments. This will allow you to be a bit more aggressive, and get closer to your expected gains."

I have my circumcision op booked for several weeks from now, once it is recovered, I'll go and see Dr C as early as possible, and will spend the weeks/months until my appointment hanging/stretching/jelqing like a mad man.

I was saving to buy a house, but I have to kill this size anxiety, its more important, otherwise it's like I'm not alive.
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Oh, for reference's sake should anyone ever search the topic, Wade also said and I quote;

"Both the "high and tight" and the "low and tight" are optimal for this procedure, since loose skin can become problematic in some patients. In the "low and tight" you will have a very esthetic looking penis, showing a very little circumcision scar. However, and I do not know medically if this is true, but the "high and tight" may provide more sensation, since you have preserved more of the inner foreskin."
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Dance With Dragons
As for dysmorphia, I can give a perfect example from last night. I was looking in the mirror thinking how small I am. Really just disgusted. Then I looked over at a lighter, and thought "that's how big my flaccid is."
Then I picked up the lighter and held it next to my dick and it was like half the length of my dick. My flaccid averages about 5.5 inches, which from everything I read is well above average, and yet I still feel tiny, and it looks tiny to me. I almost don't believe rulers and measuring tapes anymore. Dysmorphia can f**K your head up something fierce.
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Had some new thoughts on this. I sometimes wake up and see it and think "wow I'm huge, I'm really lucky" then other times I wake up and see it and think "I'm so small".

Since my pathology seems to effect my perceived penis size, I'd say I do have a dynamo rigid disorder.

Any therapists in the room? DSM help?
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