After being told my 3 urologists that I don't have a buried penis, and chatting with one Dr I told him that I heard a pop when masturbating and my penis hasn't been the same since and this was 3 and a half years ago so I'm thinking I fractured my penis although I've had 2 dopplars done and both urologists said everything was normal ( don't know if I believe them though) and the one urologist said that there's not anything  that they can do and this is the new normal

well obviously I want my penis fixed, I never get morning or spontaneous erections, penis is just very much different smaller different shape everything, when I pump I can't even hold an erection seems as if blood just doesn't want to stay or something I don't know

so what should I do and where should I go from here I'm going to do PE though I don't know if its possible for me to make girth gains, that's where I've noticed the most atrophy

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I've heard quite a few pops when doing PE or having sex, I've never been sure what they are. For me, they led to length gains actually. I wonder if I hadn't continued to stretch perhaps it would have shortened?
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I just hope I'm not fucked for life because of this shit it's been almost 4 years I don't know if my penis can be saved they say you need to seek medical attention immediately , my dopplar's both came back normal I'm wondering if there's still hope left for me
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Skeptical One

I know of someone who has reported to me in private a similar situation. I can ask him if he's comfortable in contacting you regarding steps he's taken to correct his issues. I haven't spoken to him in a while and I don't know his current status, but I do know he has been researching how to "correct" his penis after a "pop" he experienced after masturbation.

If you can private message me to remind me to contact him that would be helpful, I have a lot of to-do's and can use the reminder lol. Can't promise he'll respond but at least it's an avenue worth exploring.

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Something like happened to me when I was younger. I dated an over weight gal, and she sat directly on my dick. I heard a pop and it sort of bent to the side slightly. It sorta goes and comes idk if it's the rough sex or masturbating, But you could try grabbing behind the head and slightly pulling your dick in different directions, hold it there for like 5 seconds or more. It gives me crazy hard boners and my dick looks as straight as ever.
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