I know this has been some what discussed in the PMMA thread, but I think this subject warrants its own thread.

The Subject:

To discuss the best way to approach having PMMA or any PE with people who already  have penile scar tissue for what ever reason, such as scar tissue caused by silicone implant removal, FFT, Belladerm, Alloderm, Stretching, Peyronie's disease, old penis injury and so on.


I will start the discussion and then I hope you guys can continue it by stating  your ideas, thoughts and expertise.

My thinking on this subject it this: if you have any scar tissue and you plan on having PMMA with Dr Casavantes (or any PE), then it is best if you take care of the scar tissue by what ever method that works for you, give your penis plenty of time to heal and then when you think you are ready, go ahead and get the PMMA or what ever PE you decide on.

Having said that, I must admit that I did NOT do this my self. I had my silicone implant removed a few months ago and I had some minor scar tissue but then I decided the scar tissue was not that bad and I treated it with a few Kenalog injections which seem to have worked but it did not completely take care of the scar tissue.

So I wanted to offer my idea on this subject hoping it will help other guys who may be contemplating such a journey. An example would be Mark who is thinking about removing his implant for PMMA, I would hope that this thread will help him and others too.

My Own Conclusion:

I wish I had waited longer to take care of the scar tissue first and then get the PMMA. While my case in not severe at this point and it looks like the scar tissue and the curvature that I have is definitely getting better after the first session with PMMA, I advise people to look into getting the scar tissue completely taken care of, and then go ahead with their next PE adventure!!

What is your collective thinking?

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I've got quite a bit of scar tissue following my FFT removal and have been asking myself the same question. Personally i think it's only worth taking care of if it causes a significant bend and shortening. I have a bit of an upward curve and am still about 1/4" short of my normal length, but I don't think it's worth having another surgery to remove. Surgery is serious stuff and sometimes on this forum we talk about it too lightly. Corrective surgery can always make the situation worse, so I think one should avoid surgery unless it is really necessary. I'd imagine the scar tissue and PMMA tissue are pretty similar anyway, so I'd guess the PMMA would blend in nicely. If one has serious Peyronies, that could potentially get worse, then it's a different story. But once scar tissue from previous surgery has settled down, unless it's causing major retraction or bending, I'd say to just leave it. 

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Avoid surgery if possible.  I've covered scar tissue fairly well in my peyronie's thread and in various posts throughout the forum.  If scar tissue is bothersome, it can be addressed by both surgical and non surgical means.  I've always recommended that one address any scar tissue anomaly prior to undergoing any form of phalloplasty, including penile bioplasty with PMMA.  Surgery is always a last resort.  Fibrosis (scar) tissue is completely different from the collagen formed following injection of PMMA.  Scar tissue has lost the tissue's natural elastic properties and has a tendency to contract.  If anyone is interested and would like further information, please feel free to contact me via PM.
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Greetings gents,

Peyronie's disease is a condition my best friend suffered from. Emotionally it hindered his sex life because his unit was very curved. He sought treatment and had some success with Aminobenzoate potassium and a Ca++ Channel blocker (Verapamel). He sought an experienced physician who could provide him Vitamin E injections in his healthcare network plan, but i think he was forced to pay out of pocket. Vitamin E injections seem to be an option but not every patient reports positive results. If I was a patient with Peyronie's disease i would consider asking several Urologist their opinion if Vitamin E injections are right for me, then I would talk to Dr.Casavantes and ask him if he has any experience with these injections or knows of any other respected physician who does.


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I took advice from Messageman from a telephone conversation we had a few months back. He basically said it would be wise to take care of the scar tissue first and then hang to gain as much length as possible. Then go for PMMA. I am so happy I did that and will be in the process of hanging soon. My scar tissue was bad though, and Mustang you did not have this type of scar tissue. My scar tissue acted like Peyronies or was. But the doctor was able to remove and straigthen the cock. So as of now I do not have a curvature. Also, with the scar tissue, I lost more that a half inch in erect length, even more on the curvatured side. But now after the surgery, my flaccid hangs normally and 1 to 1.5 longer, and erect was 6 full NBP length. So I am back to more than my original length before the implant. I now plan to hang like my life depended on it for at least a year, to ge to my goal of 7 inches. Big goals, but I really believe I can make it. Then, i can go for PMMA.. 
I understand it is very tempting to go for PMMA now, as I almost took the trip prematurely. But my cock was not normal with the scar tissue and my erections would have not been healthy for sex.
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