I been reading new articles and cases saying PE is dangerous and doesn’t work. And how it will actually make you smaller and can risk death during surgery. There was a couple that died this year alone and one this month. If you good penis enlargement and go under news you will see all of this information. Is this true? Do you think it’s a waste of money are we being swindled by doctors? Is the surgery life risking? Does PMMA make you smaller over time? Is all of this true. I just read it I still want to believe some methods still work. I would love if everyone can give me there opinions on this. Thank you 
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Skeptical One
Most articles rely on a history of phalloplasty being regarded as dangerous. Risk of death almost has nothing to do with the actual enlargement (in other words, the risk of death is present with a lot of surgeries), and the notion of a "smaller" penis is due to complications like scarring from some botched procedures.

Most deaths arise from either non-surgical related matter (i.e. the billionaire who had a heart attack while having enlargement performed), or from improper technique (e.g. unqualified practitioner or shoddy product). Otherwise, if you're going to a credible physician and they employ modern techniques, I wouldn't freak out. That's one reason I'm excited about introducing more Sponsors to PhalloBoards. I'm not just taking anyone, only those have cleared my vetting process.

The truth is that these publications aren't in touch with where penis enlargement is going. Especially as it pertains to dermal fillers & girth enhancement. It's becoming increasingly safe & effective, period. Risk of death isn't even acknowledged, and options like HA & PMMA are about as casual as getting botox.

I guarantee you that article has a fraction of knowledge this forum possesses and relies on a history of stigma & experimentation found in phalloplasty.

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I’m seven years into it and as big as I was a year after my last procedure. I rode 4000 miles on my road bike last year including 5 century rides, I lift weights regularly at the gym, I chase elk in the fall, and I’m as active as most 30 year olds.  My junk still works without help of the blue pills and I will be 57 years old this year. So I would have to say that PMMA was nothing but a positive life changing experience for me. 
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Dr Oates
If you go to the blog on my website-  I have written about a coulee of the deaths that I know of. I think the diamond billionaire may turn out to be fat emboli syndrome like the young guy from germany (?).Then there was the recent paper in the Journal of Sexual Medicine saying there is no evidence that phalloplasty works and is unethical. This was written by a bunch of psychologists who have been writing about penis size and reasons for wanting to increase for nearly 20 yrs. This is their climactic paper. Basically they were looking for surgeons who have done psychological assessment before and after and show that it fixed the problem these guys (i.e. you guys) have in their head. Because the majority of guys seeking phalloplasty are in the "normal range" - so it is a psychological issue.

Guess how many surgeons have written papers with the right validated psychological testing? None. Which is why I am conducting that study now. But have been doing it for a year and struggling to get guys to fill in all the forms - there are pages and pages of them and very personal and probing. But they looked at the surgical papers for complications and cam up with....bruising, swelling, infection, the same for EVERY operation or procedure. They did not even get into deaths. Then they say it is unethical to do this. How many cosmetic procedures do we have this depth of info on? Why single out phalloplasty? It was a very biased article and I am trying to get surgeons around the world to write in and complain.

No time to write more now sorry.
What ever you do, make sure it is safe.

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Excellent work Dr Oates.
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Dr Oates wrote:
How many cosmetic procedures do we have this depth of info on? Why single out phalloplasty?

Simple. Because it's an easy subject to create sensationalism. People just can't resist it. 
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PE definitely works. It's not a scam. I got a lig cut 20 years ago and gained 0.75 in. Between bathmate, x4 labs and hanging I've gained about 0.5., and I'm not alone. No way you could ever compare an article you're going to read out there to a dedicated forum comprised of doctors and men who are actually exercising their penises and actively and regularly seeking and testing new a documented setting. No bias, no agendas, just facts. Solid facts.
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