I have been using penis extenders the euro extender for a few weeks on and off. Although not bad I can only keep it on for 70 minutes before needing to readjust. However i am wondering, will the strap being so tight cause problem with erectino in the future. I have read research paper and stuff and it doesnt seem to mention any problems but I want to hear personal experience.

I am thinking bout switching to a "vaccum extender" like the vacextender or autoxleeve.
Then a few months into it I would like to get a ligament snapping surgery.

Enjoying the last few weeks of my vacation.
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Your head shouldnt go cold or complete numb!! Should wrap the shaft with the rubber sleeve or a silght snug ace bandage. This alows the stretcher to grab without STRANGLING your penis.
If its pulling HARD on your penis BE CAREFUL sitting and moving around. If it feels like burning, scratching or anything painful. Take it off and try iceing it for a while. It can rip inside. Then your stuck with a bent Dic!
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get rid of that extender and get the phallosan forte stretcher. people report 30 hours without pain or discomfort.
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Where do you think you can get a cheap one? Seems pricey.
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eBay.  You can find one for like $30 or less.  Think the one I used was like 25 bucks.
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