Ever since I discovered natural PE, my turkey neck has been building up. Today, I've got so much excessive skin that I could build a 4-men tent with it basically. Its not only extremely ugly, but it makes my dick appear much shorter, and it feel uncomfortable with all that skin being in the way.

I've searched around a lot but I cannot find any clinics online outside of US that offers this procedure. I live in Europe, but I'm about to go to Singapore for some business, I hear they got a lot to offer when it comes to cosmetic surgery, and to fair prices.
Since this procedure is very simple, I shouldn't have to pay more than $1000, what do you guys think? I'm also curious about how much a circumcision would cost me and what kind of results to expect with todays equipment (laser?).

And if I decide to do both these surgeries, should I do them before or after PMMA?

Any links, phone numbers or tips are highly appreciated!

So much to think about right now

Start: 6.3 x 4.5 BG & MSEG
Now: 7.7 x 5.5 BG & 4.7 MSEG
Goal: 8 x 6
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Dr. Gary Alter in Beverly Hills,CA, is THE MAN! I had a penile scrotal webbing revision in October 2010. I am delighted with the results. It was about 5000.00 for the op, took no time, and recuperation was about a month. 
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hi ten inch goal,

I too have penoscrotal webbing and I know the problems it causes. I am also looking for a surgeon to do the procedure and as I live in Spain would like someone local to do the deed. I would greatly appreciate any info as to the whereabouts of any surgeons who perform this op preferably in Malaga. Any help is most welcome.


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