So I'm new to this site, having stumbled across it while researching surgery options. Elist's procedure seemed to be the most promising to me, but I'm now having significant doubts after reading some of the horror stories on here. What I want to ask however, is whether people believe the problems lie within the actual penuma procedure, or if they're simply the result of an incompetant doctor performing it.

The reason I ask this is because there's another urologist who performs the procedure at a location that's about a 5-10 minute drive from my apartment in the DC metro area. The guy's name is Kambiz Tajkarimi. He's been on The Doctors, and is affiliated with INOVA, which is the major hospital network in Northern Virginia, so he doesn't seem to be a total quack. 

Does anybody happen to have any knowledge of and/or experience with this guy, and do any of you Elist victims think that penuma would've worked for you if the surgery had been performed better? Mainly wondering because the fact that I could get the procedure without flying to Los Angeles and seeing a guy who might butcher my junk is pretty attractive. Of course, I'm in the process of doing heavy research, but nothing I've read suggests that there isn't any chance that Tajkarimi wouldn't be able to perform the surgery better than Elist. 
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The entire concept is flawed. Dr's have been trying to find a penis enlargement solution for decades. Solid silicone has been the most popular implant material for cosmetic applications for decades. Is it likely that Elist was the only Dr to ever think of using silicone or that it was in fact the first material thought of and rejected by the medical community? There are very good reasons why silicone strips weren't adopted by cosmetic surgeons for use in the penis and horrific complication rate among Elist only serves to support this. 
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Herman Da German
I mentioned on the forum months ago that Elist was training other Doctors to perform the procedure. I had Elist do mine back in February. Love my results. You should definitely contact Tajkarimi for a consultation at least. See what you think. Good luck on your journey.
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