Some surgeons are mixing this with free-fat transfer. Apparently it improves the success rate by preventing reabsorption. It is supposed to stimulate blood vessel formation and collagen deposition but there is a risk of scar tissue because the same process is triggered in tissue injury and healing.

Would it work on its own without FFT? Anyone know of any experimental procedures being carried out?
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Sounds alot like prfm in the advanced stem cell forum.
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I think the key word here is 'apparently'.   Havent seen enough testimonies on forums or elsewhere documenting its success.  Theoretically, it may work, but so far dont think we can say it does.

Started PE mid 2003: 5.5 EL x 4.5 EG.

Non-picture proven, currently (December 2011) at 7.5 BPEL x 5 EG;
Flaccid Bone-Pressed Stretched Length 8.0 inch. Dont ask me about my 'routine' please because dont have much to add to what is already known. Just be persistent.
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MM - this is the same as the PRFM. I have documented my "results" as I think this still has promise, but isn't a viable procedure at this time. Take a look at my thread.

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