Last night I was on first date with a petite girl.
This was my first opportunity to use my penis after round 2 PMMA.
The swelling has subsided and i have a fatter penis..mid shaft girth 5.25 ish. EL is 5.5.

We were both pretty attracted to each other and after couple of hours she was in my car back seat..had two orgasms using my fingers and tongue. Then it was time to move to my apartment, she hesitated , later she mentioned that penetration has always been painful for her...she believes she has a small vagina.
I gave my speech about baby's head diameter etc etc.
We were in my bed and I lubed her up pretty well. While trying to put on a condom..I realized it wont roll on more than my glans and got stuck in the ridge after glans. I have been using same condom brand prior..and never payed attention  to condom size.
I had to pull the ring with both hands to expand and then it rolled over to the base..

Thanks to Dr M and Ian specially for the follow up and advice.
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Secret to putting on condoms now 
with a PMMA dick
in my experience 
no more rolling on
i stretch them wide and pull them all the way to base,
thumbs on the inside as I go down along shaft
‘then let go
u are now wrapped 

i use XL or 60mm , fit no problem at all
u  note they dig in the the soft PMMA
but it will hold firm like a vice
usually break when I’m ripping them off

simple process once u have practiced a dozen times

Hope this helps
all the best
...................FL      FG    NBPEL    MSEG    BaseEG
Start Stats    = 4      4       6         5         5.3
R1 Week 16   = 4       5       6        5.7      6.4
R2 Week 16   = 4.2    5.8    6.2      6.5      7.5
R3 (+4 years) = 4.3   6.2    6.5      6.9       7.2
BPEL = 7.1 (Been doing a bit of lengthening)
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