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Good luck and safe journey.  Keep us updated;  🙂

MSFG:  4.75"
BPEL: 7.25"
MSEG: 5.5"

PMMA 11/22/18 (round one)

NBPFL: 5.5-5.75"
MSFG: 5.5-5.75"
BPEL:  7.25"
MSEG: 6.3-6.5”
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[QUOTE username=KRichard userid=5965195 postid=1308142796]Good luck and safe journey.  Keep us updated on;  ðŸ™‚[/QUOQU on]
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How has the touch up treated you? How are things going?
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hi guys,

So just got my second procedure done. I seemed to have gone really well. Got to the clinic a little some tramadol and ibuprofen. Erin gave me adavan. This combo seems to really help me with the pain and leaves me in a pleasantly delirious state afterward.

I did a good consult with Dr. Morales going over all my issues. I talked about the ring around the base and how that may have formed by the product pooling there due to gravity. There were two other places of concern where the product had hardened. She suggested she could soften them up with a product so I went with that. the other areas were near the base on the left side but more towards the mid shaft. I felt like there were ridges on it possibly from masturbation. The other concern area was on the top near the glans on the right side. This issue was the same as the one towards the mid shaft with the same ridges possible from masturbation. She went in with 19cc total part 10% part 30%. I believe she did some micro droplets towards the glans. Process went smooth hardly any pain. They seemed to work with how I wanted it to go and the result seemed much more cylindrical then before. I think aftercare is gonna be the biggest thing here.

Can't give them enough props they are a great team and I am very fond of all 3 that work there. I have an appointment to see Erin tomorrow at 10.

Aftercare will be as follows... manual manipulation..rolling with metal roller. Medication as said to take.

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o my stats were 4.5 flaccid and 5 mid after first go and now measured 5.0 flaccid and don't know the erect.
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Number 2 done.

Everything went smooth 19ccs used. We achieved much better semitry. My penis is much more cylindrical. I've been at it w aftercare massaging and rolling every 2-3 hours. Heavy black bruising all over the place. We achieved 5.o flaccid and 5.5 erect. 

Worried because it's not as big as it was after first time..does that I stand to gain even more after the collagen process kicks in?

Good experience again! 
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Glad round two went well so far. Did the Dr ever recommend growth hormones, testosterone supplements or anything like that? We’re you informed on whether or not supplements could play a role in recovery??
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Magic Wand
Similar thought process behind my decision to also go with Dr. Morales and similar expectations. Any recommended stretchers/sleeves you used to help in recovery for lengthening?
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So how are things going for you now
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I’m also curious to know an update...
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Massimo? Don’t forget about us... 
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