Hello I am going to Brazil soon and am looking for a reccomendation for PMMA.

I can't make it to Mexico but believe you can get PMMA done in Brazil..

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Avanti Derma
@Auguy, this is not a recommendation for the specific procedure of phalloplasty, but the following three friends have tremendous experience and excellent skills in the use of PMMA: 
  • Prof. Almir Nacul, Porto Alegre
  • Dr. Suzanna Barretto, Sao Paulo
  • Dr. Denis Valente, Porto Alegre
And if you're traveling further South,
  • Dr. Adriana Ponti, Buenos Aires
Dr. Luis Casavantes / Dr. Palmira Morales

US Phone lines: +1 (619) 308-7268 & 308-7269
Mexico: +52 (664) 687-4848 & 686-5636
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