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A little update about my procedure post op. All is mostly well. There are 2 minor aesthetic issues. I had some non related stuff going that had to be addressed so I still you guys a procedure thread ETC it will happen.
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cargo wrote:
A little update about my procedure post op. All is mostly well. There are 2 minor aesthetic issues. I had some non related stuff going that had to be addressed so I still you guys a procedure thread ETC it will happen.

Thanks for the update. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I'm really interested in hearing how you found this practice and why you chose him. I've not seen any reviews or heard of him and you've been on this board a really long time and I'm sure have read many other pmma reports. So, just curious. 

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How much does he charge for 10cc of versa?
How long does Versa last and how does it compare to voluma?
Does he say anything about how he would handle complications, such as an infection?
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My Versa was 400 cc that was discounted do the price of the Bellafill. No sure what it is normally. 

http://revanesseusa.com/ Versa site llink
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I just got the "P-Shot" from Dr. moore and Im happy but want more girth, How can I see your before and after pictures to help make my decision?
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@Jacob  @cargo  any updates on your visits to Dr. Moore?
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So after I had my procedure. I really was excited. I also felt like task accomplished. So I wanted take break from all things PE. All of us know small average or big that getting a bigger penis can kinda become a obsession. 
I can say my interest waxed and waned. However like most us know it's always in the back of your mind.

I want to apologize for never really posting anything before or after I'm a pretty private guy. I do hope over the years I've contributed to this form in a positive and objective way. I probably would have jumped on the bandwagon a long time ago if I hadn't worked in hospitals for so long it seems so many cosmetic procedures turn out absolutely messed up. 

So I spent just shy of $5,000 bellafill Versa combo. The office was local so that was a advantage. I actually had the time for aftercare etc. My results are pretty suboptimal I guess not very much increase at all it's pretty minimal. I became pretty depressed. Trust me I was not expecting to be like a Coke Can Thick. Just more than what I got. I know everybody's measurement obsessed. I have all the numbers written down. I'm on my cell phone right now so I don't have access to it. It would probably just make me depressed again.

I did go ahead and reach out to Dr. Moore earlier this evening. I was going to go ahead and post on RealSelf I opted however to contact him through that website.

I was going to post complete review this past October but I just kept pushing it off maybe it's just because I feel like I wasted 5000 dollars. I'm hoping that he contacts me and  have some opinions maybr can offer me something to make me feel like the money was worth it. He may not I don't know. I can't say that his injection technique appears to be very good there's no lumps or bumps. Just too slight indentions one near the tip of my cock when you're the base but I don't know if anybody can totally perfect this technique.

I do want to say to all you guys I apologize for disappearing not giving up close in personal accounts with numbers and pictures. I really wanted to be objective and my goal was to conclude everything this past October. I didn't really want to steer anybody in the direction that I went without knowing if it was worth it. Right now I feel like it wasn't worth it. I couldn't encourage anyone to spend that kind of money and have barely noticeable results.

Please know that I'm not trying to speak ill of Dr. Moore he's a pretty established cosmetic surgeon here in St Louis and all of his reviews generally seem to be positive. I also understand that he couldn't correct it without me reaching out to him. I guess I just felt embarrassed or something I don't know.

I hope that everybody on this forum is doing well and achieving their goals. I'll see what happens over the next couple of weeks if he reaches out to me and I'll let all of you guys know.

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@cargo - Did you experience temporary gains that faded over time or just no gains whatsoever since day 1 post op? What were the temp gains if any?

Let me know if you hear back. Very interested to see what he says about your situation.

@Jacob - would love to get an update from you as well. Did you go back for round 2?
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Hey y’all, my size has dropped as well. I still notice a difference but not like it was. I will be going to Mexico on my next go around. 
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