New member here.  I had (have?) Peyronies Disease.  Had excision of tissue and plication surgery in 2006 to correct it. Stitches were taken on the underside to correct upward curve, leaving my penis shortened but straight.  About 2012 I had a 3 piece inflatable prosthesis inserted because of ED.  This surgery left me even shorter.  I can feel (and partners can feel) the tubes of the prosthesis beneath the skin, especially when erect.  This is very noticeable and feels rather mechanical to me.  I have made an appointment for a consultation for filler, hoping to “fill out” my member so the prosthesis is less noticeable.

Seems that PMMA is the preferred filler, but some of the old threads mention that it feels rubbery.  I don’t want a dick that feels like a dildo, so I’m asking how PMMA “feels.”  What is your experience having it?  Does it have heft?  Feel meaty?  I miss my pre-Peyronies feel of having something substantial in my pants.  Maybe it’s silly, but I would welcome the feel of “heft.”  In the bedroom, does the PMMA feel hard like a good healthy erection?  I don’t want to go through the expense and inconvenience of going out of state only to be disappointed in the results.

Thanks, gents.  I appreciate your comments and support.
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